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Books & Print Sandbox

Hyper local 'newspaper' reporting, a horror story that responds to your heartbeat, printed, personalised event mementos, and much more... How eight cultural collaborations are using academic research and creative technology to explore the uncertain future of books, print and publishing.

Jan - Apr 2013

The future of the book is much deliberated, and with the growing popularity of e-books and the kindle, some might say it looks bleak. However, REACT disagree. They launched this Books & Print Sandbox to allow eight teams the chance to explore more interesting print and publishing possibilities than simply reading pdfs on yet another screen.

REACT's sandboxes bring together academics from UWE, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter with artists, technologists and makers to try out early-stage ideas in a supported space, without the pressure of creating a marketable end-product.

From January to April 2013 the eight collaborations spent time learning, making, breaking, testing and creating their interventions in the world of books, publishing and print.

The projects were broad and challenging in scope. From digital biographies brought to life by physical bookmarks, via publishing live language translations almost as they happen, through to gothic experiences that are shaped by the rate of your breathing or the pace of your heart, the collaborations covered much ground in the publishing industry.

In this collection you will find eight films, commissioned by REACT to document the development of each of these collaborations. The films capture the ideas, energy and process of being in a Sandbox and tell the story of each project.

You can catch up with the creative processes involved through the project blog posts - simply click through to each project from this page on the Sandbox micro-site.

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