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Theatre Sandbox 2010

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A national commissioning scheme for theatre makers to research and develop experimental pieces of performance which use pervasive media technologies.

Apr - Nov 2010

Making Space for Great Ideas

Theatre Sandbox is a commissioning scheme, with six commissions of £10,000 each, for theatre makers to research and develop experimental pieces of performance that engage with pervasive media technologies.

The scheme offers theatre makers a safe space to play, research and grow; opportunities to work with new partners and expertise and experience on how to use technology.

In 2010, following a series of five workshops across England in April in which 275 participants explored the meaning and potential of pervasive media and theatre, a diverse group of theatre makers went forward to apply for the scheme.

Selected by a team of leading theatre-makers and producers for their artistic merit, their approach to conceptual development, their potential, and their openness to collaborative practise; the six commissions were announced at the end of May. The six commissions ran over three months from July to September with a public outcome at the end of September. At the end of December 2010 the commissions presented the final outcomes of their research.

Follow the progress of the commissions, through their online journals at www.theatresandbox.co.uk.

Theatre Sandbox is originated and produced by iShed, part of Watershed, and draws on the successes and experience gained from running the Media Sandbox commissioning scheme. Media Sandbox is a development programme which enables companies to research possibilities in interactive, digital media, create new ideas and deliver innovation to market.

Theatre Sandbox is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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