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wshed Did you know Bill Murray is a dab hand at bowling?

18:00 Nov 23rd 2014

wshed Those in Watershed today think Robin Williams trumps Bill Murray in the funniest actor stakes. What do you think?

14:00 Nov 23rd 2014

CapricornC Saw it @wshed yesterday, still thinking about it! Winter Sleep Don't be daunted by running time: it's beautiful!

11:52 Nov 23rd 2014

wshed What is your favourite Bill Murray story? When he crashed a house party? That his voicemail is his agent? Any more?

10:00 Nov 23rd 2014

msc45 Great that Mikhail Krichman wins top prize @CamerimageFest for cinematography on Leviathan. See it at @wshed now…

08:38 Nov 23rd 2014

wshed Ever been in need of a ghostbuster? Have you ever had a ghostly experience or know someone who has? What's the story?

18:00 Nov 22nd 2014

wshed "Back off man, I'm a scientist" One of our favourite quotes from the inimitable Bill Murray

14:00 Nov 22nd 2014

wshed All set for @djcheeba's score to Plan 9 From Outer Space. Practicing our best awful dubbing #BFISciFi

21:36 Nov 21st 2014

wshed Looking forward to @djcheeba's brilliant live score to cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Place - starts at 21:30!

20:26 Nov 21st 2014

wshed Who would you like to see Bill Murray do a film with and why? How about something with Lars Von Trier or Mike Leigh?!

18:00 Nov 21st 2014