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wshed Here's a recorded Q&A of ours from 2010 with friends + colleagues of Fela Kuti - perfect preparation for @FindingFela

19:01 Sep 2nd 2014

wshed In the September Podcast our Creative Director @clarered discusses @PlayableCity and the positive aspects of play

18:47 Sep 2nd 2014

wshed The DepicT! '14 shortlist is live - 20 tiny films ready for you to watch, vote and comment - we need your opinions!

10:30 Sep 2nd 2014

rifemag MASTERCLASS: 18th Sep here at @wshed, led by @elizabday! She’s going to reveal how to be awesome and

10:00 Sep 2nd 2014

EncountersSFF The official #Encounters20 festival trailer is live - time to get excited! #film @wshed @ArnolfiniArts @CUBECINEMA

14:50 Sep 1st 2014

wshed Things are really shaping up for our #Afrofuturism season, part of #BFISciFi. Expect Sun Ra, George Clinton, futuristic feminism and more...

14:33 Sep 1st 2014

wshed Check out @risebristol's huge range of Fela Kuti reissues to celebrate @FindingFela… (out Fri

21:16 Aug 31st 2014

SlapstickFest Don’t forget guys, David Robinson will be waxing lyrical about The Cabinet of Dr Caliga@wsheded this

10:47 Aug 30th 2014

In_Between_Time You Are The Orchestra: create a travelling, cinematic soundtrack to #Bristol with @ofcircumstance @wshed

11:10 Aug 29th 2014

wshed The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Night Moves, Obvious Child, The Keeper of Lost Causes and Spirited Away open today!…

11:00 Aug 29th 2014