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wshed What’s your groundhog day moment? When was your strongest feeling of déjà

18:00 Nov 26th 2014

BFI Keir Dullea has completed his @reddit_AMA mission for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read it here:

15:40 Nov 26th 2014

wshed Bill Murray and Carrie Fisher on the set of Saturday Night Live in 1978. Great hair.

14:00 Nov 26th 2014

BFI Today's your chance to ask 2001:A Space Odyssey's Keir Dullea anything via @reddit_AMA 2pm GMT

10:40 Nov 26th 2014

wshed "At this very moment spaceships from the beyond may be on their way to destroy our planet!"

10:21 Nov 26th 2014

PMStudioUK 1pm talk this Friday: @Bristol_Braille, who have been developing an affordable Braille ebook reader @bristolhackspc -

10:03 Nov 26th 2014

wshed .@msc45 thinks "Bill Murray is to cinema what Glenn Gould is to music or Frank Gehry is to architecture." Thoughts?

10:00 Nov 26th 2014

wshed 1-800-BMURRAY. What message would you leave on Bill Murray's infamous voice mail?

18:00 Nov 25th 2014

ch715b ...Tonight a new doc of @MrDavidHockney with satellite Q&A after, at @wshed & other places...…

11:03 Nov 25th 2014

wshed Tonight: the definitive exploration of David Hockney, who will join us for a live satellite Q&A from his LA studio…

10:50 Nov 25th 2014