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rose_kala_dias Check out this little furry alien crew! Getting ready for the #FamilyArtFest @wshed today! Come to E.T @13:00...

10:55 Oct 25th 2014

wshed Jeff is ready for his next test subject #BFISciFi

22:21 Oct 24th 2014

wshed Jeff Goldblum masks a go go @ our pre-The Fly music/projections/photo pod fun - come on down!

21:05 Oct 24th 2014

wshed Jeff Goldblum! Mutation! Body horror! Fly vomit! Join us from 21:00 for The Fly-themed fun

19:21 Oct 24th 2014

wriggleapp No plans just yet? How about turning into a 180 pound fly? No? Let Jeff Goldblum do that for you instead. @wshed

18:00 Oct 24th 2014

wriggleapp #Wriggle must-see tonight @wshed: The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum. Be very afraid

14:27 Oct 24th 2014

otrbristol Love film? Age 16-19? Don't miss this exciting opportunity in #Bristol (@wshed @rifemag)

13:30 Oct 24th 2014

rifemag .@ShamPhat wants you to know that ISIS does not represent him as a Muslim.

12:41 Oct 24th 2014