I’m flattered to hear my work described as hallucinogenic, but I suspect that some of my academic critics find me a bad trip.

Seminars & Events

McLuhan’s Message: Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk

Fri 21 Oct 13:00

Photo of Simon Poulter

Curator and artist Simon Poulter will show excerpts from ‘Picnic in Space’ – a rare McLuhan film – alongside interviews recorded with people who knew McLuhan and his work in this free informal presentation at the Pervasive Media Studio. He will also link McLuhan’s book ‘Understanding Media’ with current media theory, arguing that while McLuhan’s work remains unorthodox and disliked among academics, it still has an enduring interest to artists and those interested in networked and locative media.
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McLuhan’s Message Seminars

Thu 6 Oct

A day of panel discussions at Watershed which explored McLuhan’s ideas in relation to the current explosion of digital media and looking at what we can learn about the 21st century media landscape by viewing it through McLuhan’s “rear view mirror”.

Watch recordings of the panel discussions from McLuhan’s Message Seminars