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I love this idea - well the 3D scanning part - virtual augmented reality tends to leave me cold - I would love to see people turned into tiny 3D prints

I think the their take on the virtual augmented reality has an interesting twist-- the world you are transported to is pulled from existing reality. I like it. I would love to see this executed.

great work!

This is so cool! I will have to fly to Bristol if you install this just so that my body CAN LIVE ON INTO DIGITAL ETERNITY!!!!

Sounds awesome! I would definitely get myself scanned.

What a next-level installation! I'm eagerly anticipating this 21st century photo-booth update - it sounds like a magically disorienting, out-of-body experience to see your 3D-rendered self in an augmented landscape!

I imagine this is how people must have felt in the 1800s, seeing themselves frozen in time on film. Augmented spaces + three-dimensionality spell the future to me. It essentially feels like VR for our generation, but artfully infused into the "real" world.

Floating point has done it again! A truly unique experience for all ages that catapults Bristol into the future. Bravo!

I would love to see how children interact with The Arc Project. The ability to create your own toy version of yourself is already magical- but then the ability to have that object in a public setting could turn into a pop-up playground.

I'm also a huge fan of projects that combine physical and digital spaces, and can't wait to see how this piece pans out!

I think this is a brilliant and accessable way to facilitate the public to interact iwth these new technologies and gauge meaning and allow for chance . Beautiful proposal

I like the relationship between the real physical and the digital realms in this idea.

So cutting edge!

Very inspiring proposal! This is a fantastic way to engage the public, highly technical yet very feasible and personal. The idea of eternalizing visitors reminds me of monuments of historic figures in city parks. Wow, with a month of scanning it would look like the Terracotta Army in China.
Can't wait to see this!!!

Super cool! I love how accessible the artwork manages to be while presenting such an exciting new idea and experience for the participant.

I think this project raises some interesting points about the way our bodies are already the objects of surveillance, but does so in an enigmatic and potentially beautiful haunting way. I would like to see what this augmented landscape would look like, how the traces of people present before you will take an actual shape, and ultimately gain a physicality.

I am intrigued by this project. In a sense it is a poetic expression of freedom, presenting a blank space for anyone to leave their mark. Almost like a game of graffiti that does not alter the physical landscape. It is interesting to think about digital space as one that others can revisit, or tell friends to look them up and contribute to their memory. I see the booth like a mini time capsule, preserving and cataloguing this moment in Bristol. I think it would be interesting to expand this project and install scanning booths in other cities worldwide.

I hope to see this! It's inspiring and has made me think about a lot of things! Bravo!

This is a great platform and should totallyyyy scale into a series!!
Sounds amazing for each city to have a virtual reality museum of its "life".
And those places could totally be new "tourist locations" in the city!!SO smart!!!!

Generally, I love the idea. Combining physical and virtual using cutting edge technology in accessible way to ordinary people. Simple way to immortalize and create work of art. Photo-booth reinvented. I would love to take part and this thing should go global.

An extraordinary idea. Such a playful approach on top of strong conceptual basis gives this project so many layers to interact with.
It is totally like a fun fantasy where u can stumble upon different people and objects.
Beautiful and poetic way of using technology while at the same time asking relevant questions about it and about the world around us.
Really amazing project that has to happen!!

great idea!! can't wait to see it! I hope to see it!

This is actually one of the few augmented reality projects I've encountered where this medium is so smartly proposed and makes all the sense with the core idea.
Great project!

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful support!!
We are so excited about this project and we can’t wait to bring the idea of the public installation to the next level with this piece.
We are so happy to see the genuine excitement and conversations happening as reaction to this piece!

Please share “The Arc Project” further with your friends, we want to hear from all of you!

Thank you,
The Arc Project

Thank you guys! This is such a beautiful concept and I hope to see it in real life. I have shared it on my blog. Good luck.

This is very genius. Never thought such technology could used like this way. Extraordinary idea support the concept between the reality and the tech.

sounds amazing!! familiar ( photo booths, body/figure of the self ) yet future-facing (3d scans, augmented reality ) ! I cannot wait to play with it!

This is great! Love the idea of having a virtual space on top of the real. Sounds like it could be a really cool interactive experience and something that I'd definitely would like to check out. Also a interesting use of new technologies. Great way of connecting them in a new and useful, yet playful, way. Hopefully it'll become reality!!

I like the reference to the old and familiar photo booth futuristically updated with the newer imaging technology. We are so used to taking pictures a certain way, striking certain poses to accomodate the flat images we know they will create, with their familiar depths of field and compositions, and as a result we are so used to remembering places, and ourselves in places, in very specific ways. This treatment of 3d imaging of people in space creates a new way of looking at the self and people in public space, and a new way of remembering and capturing a moment. I hope this happens!

3d imaging of people in space creates a new way of looking at the self and people in public space, and a new way of remembering and capturing a moment. - So true.

Extremely interesting, makes you wonder and reflect upon the interactions of tomorrow. Also, what a great way to interact with the public, really engaging! sign me up for Bristol!

great idea and whole concept! I like the augmented reallity concept so much and such project would bring it so much closer to people to explore and get to know it! best luck, creative people!!!

this is awesome. I hope to see it become real.


I love the idea of the 3D world superimposed on the city. I hope to see this in Bristol!

An interesting way of preserving history. Using 3D modeling to rep ephemera, does that change the very nature of the environment itself? Do people interact with the environment differently knowing that they will be transformed into virtual 3D space? I wonder.

I love the idea that people would start to interact with the space differently having the awareness of the way it was being recorded, and I am hoping we get to see what comes out of that!

Wow! I visited Bristol many times as a child, I wish this had been there then! Sounds amazing (and super futuristic!) :-)

I love how this explores the ubiquity of 3D technology and the ephemerality of the digital space. This project connects the physical space to the digital in an ongoing feedback loop. I would love to play around and explore this!

me too. Please let me know if this happens. I would like to participate.

as an older person who grew up with booths for black and white photographs of myself and friends, i think this is THE COOLEST IDEA EVER. i would want to RUN to have an experience like this, and RUN WITH FRIENDS FOR A GREAT TIME. FURTHERMORE, THERE IS A LOT OF INTERESTING INFORMATION TO LEARN FROM THIS.

incredible and innovative! so exciting to hear this will be displayed publicly:)

Brilliant Idea.
A shoe in... for the future.

Great idea. Very exciting and innovative. This can change the way we view the real world.

This sounds both informative and original. I hope these young people have lots of success with their ideas and the creative ways they implement them.

Multilayered and rhizomatic. Evokes feelings associated with teleportation, telepresence, presence, the archive, hauntedness, yet subtly resonating with a sense of discovery, exploration and curiosity. A 21st century equivalent of a World(s) Fair exhibition.

having just returned from a beautiful trip, and feeling frustrated that i can't recapture it better, i especially appreciate these brilliant concepts and ideas. Life is three dimensional at least - The added dimensionality, the potential reminder of context -- is wonderful. Even the artists' collective ability to imagine the complexity of memory and perception - and how well they must work together to think so brilliantly - are all very exciting.

Great work and ideas!

This projects really seems to encourage active engagement/participation with one's environment and should be supported! Great job Floating Point!

looking forward!!! Great idea engaging people to think and act more creative.

Amazing! Participatory projects always define new and interesting waves in human culture; Grateful to the people who are creating, implementing and bringing these Tech-Artwerk to us!

Fantastic Work! I can't wait to see it!

Fantastic Work! I can't wait to see it!


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