Shortlist 2013


Would so want to see this in action as it sounds absolutely amazing.. we need more robots!

Robots are always good!

Thanks! Glad you're into the robots :)

In fact, I'll be running a series of workshops to build them so you can help contribute to the project and also learn about electronics.

If you have any more questions about the details please let me know!


Would this work on all smart phones or just android/ iphone? It looks like great fun!

Who needs Robot wars when you have this? It looks like top fun. Has it been inspired by the episode of Star Trek TNG where Data disobeys Captain Picard in an attempt to save minibots who are assuming sentience. Watch this space....

I honestly haven't seen this episode... but now feel a need to look it up online :)

Sorry that should read android OR iPhone

A game for the future, someone with the mind of the great "Doc". To the future! Sounds great fun hope it goes well.

Sounds brilliant! I'd definitely be in for that but don't have a smart phone. what are my options?

like the idea of being able to look back at the Robots after you've done your task and even more the workshops to build your own Robot!

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Of course Android and iOS are our main priorities, but we're using web technology so a Windows Phone / Blackberry version would be possible too. Let me know if you'd like to see the project running on these platforms.

For non smart-phone owners, there'll be a few devices available for you to borrow.



It's interesting the idea of robots as new inhabitants of the city activating people and playing with them.

If Seb's other interactive experiences are anything to go by, this will be amazing!

Would be amazing to see this happen. Seb's work is always expertly crafted, idea filled, fascinating and engaging but above all - fun

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