The Judging Panel

The 2013 Playable City Award was judged by the following panel of brilliant industry representatives and facilitated by Watershed's Clare Reddington as a non-voting chair.

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is a british ecclectic, eccentric and innovative musician considered by some the epitome of a digital diva. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting to elaborate live multi-instrumental improvisations, building on a unique voice, classical training and unusual tech-saviness. Self produced, independent, engaged, she blurs the boundaries between pure artforms and creative entrepreneurship, and uses her knowledge of the web and social networking to communicate and collaborate with her loyal following in pioneering ways.

Much more than a studio rat, she is an accomplished performer having toured the world with 4 albums – iMegaphone, Speak for Yourself, Details (produced/written with Guy Sigworth in their duo, Frou Frou), and the 2009 Ellipse earning her a Grammy and Ivor Novello award. Her graceful tunes such as signature track ‘Hide & Seek’ have populated movies and TV shows, accompany dance and theatre performances and more recently, Heap is being sampled by a whole new generation of young rappers and producers. Now, in demand and at the peak of already 15 years of diversified career experiences, she is enjoying exploring how her ‘musical ecosystem’ can have a positive impact by getting involved in creative projects that think big and outside the box.

Tom Uglow

Tom Uglow is a creative director for Google's Creative Lab in Sydney .

He started a chapter of the Lab in London, and now works with teams in Asia Pacific and around the world on special projects that help connect users with Google & YouTube (especially cultural projects). He speaks graphics geek, a bit of web‑dev, some Python, a touch of digital strategy, remedial A/V and production management and really bad French. He likes php, pen and ink, and carefully organised chaos. He's an ad‑hoc copy-writer, an off‑hand illustrator, a b‑grade coder, and (occasionally) an old‑fashioned book artist...

At the moment his "interests" list contains: webRTC, conspicuous technology, non-linear storytelling, and the physical web... plus a few things that are less tech-geek like dragons, small people and yoga.

Claire Doherty 

Claire Doherty is the founder Director of Situations, an art commissioning and publishing organisation based in Bristol, who were the producers of Nowhereisland, one of the primary public art projects of the Cultural Olympiad in the South West . Over the past ten years, Situations has been responsible for artworks which open up new and surprising encounters in the public realm: from-off artistic interventions (such as Heather and Ivan Morison’s Black Cloud now installed at the Hepworth, Wakefield) to cumulative programmes of temporary commissions such as One Day Sculpture, New Zealand.

Claire has worked with artists of international repute including Susan Hiller, Phil Collins, Tim Etchells, Thomas Hirschhorn and Jeppe Hein, with a particular emphasis on new forms of engagement and research. Situations is currently pioneering a new programme of work in Oslo, Norway, along with new works for Bristol by writer Tony White and artist Anna Barriball. Claire has written and lectured extensively on contemporary art commissioning. Her books include Contemporary Art: From Studio to Situation (Black Dog Publishing, 2004); Situation (Whitechapel/MIT Press, 2009), Locating the Producers: Durational Approaches to Public Art (2010) and the forthcoming Out of Time and Place: Public Art Now (2013). She advised the Olympic Park Public Realm Advisory Committee and in 2009, was awarded a Paul Hamlyn Breakthrough Award as an outstanding cultural entrepreneur. She is the Chair of the European Network of Public Art Producers. / @SituationsUK / @ccdbristol

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