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Liz Milner

Liz Milner – RELAYS project Development Co-ordinator at Watershed, based in the Pervasive Media Studio.

RELAYS (Regional Educational Legacy for Arts and Youth Sport) is an ambitious, innovative and flexible programme of linked cultural and sporting opportunities across South West England. For more information and for a list of RELAYS events please visit

Liz Milner has worked with Watershed for several years as a co-ordinator, producer and facilitator on projects such as Electric December, animate + and Bristol Stories and is currently working on ‘RELAYS at Watershed' - a Cultural Olympiad programme which is being delivered by Watershed as part of the regional RELAYS project

‘RELAYS at Watershed' is focused on engaging young people with all kinds of play and games, alongside some intriguing sport-themed media literacy workshops, film-making activities and Citizen Journalism projects.

A successful sport-themed citizen journalism pilot project was completed in Spring 2011 with Year 9 BTEC media students from Fairfield High School in Bristol. After four training sessions with David Goldblatt at the school and the PM Studio, the students used smart phones to report live from a football match using blogs, photos, video and iPadio. Plans are now underway to develop the project with other partners and take a group of young people to the Olympic sailing events at Weymouth in 2012.

Visit Watershed's RELAYS website to see details and find out more about the projects we've been working on.

As a freelancer Liz has also worked with Tarim from the studio on Theatre Orchards's Storyshed project and with M Shed to create digital stories with families and young people about family life and alternative sports in Bristol.

Liz Milner