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Nema El-Nahas

Born 1975 in the South West England with dual British and Jordanian heritage Nema studied BSc (Hons) MediaLab Arts and went on to gain a Masters of Science in Digital Futures at the University of Plymouth, UK.

Whilst working within the Institute of Digital Art and Technology Nema managed a number of European programmes to support small businesses within the creative economy. 

In 2003 Nema joined Arts Council England South West ACESW where she held the strategic lead for local government and was responsible for managing £1million partnership projects; she also became the regional lead for international work and developed strong links with Brazil. In 2007 she was invited to do a secondment at ACE’s national office in London where she led on the Creative Economy Programme. Nema recently returned back to the South West region to her role in Resource Development where she is working on the digital opportunities development priority for the region and linking into national strategy for ACE. 

Along side Nema’s career in academia and public sector she has actively been supporting and promoting new talent. In 1999 Nema founded Submerge an organisation that provided a platform for graduates, researchers and innovators to celebrate, network and promote their skills to industry. The submerge platform supported graduates to connect with industry to gain employment and encourage entrepreneurial activity. Submerge’s network of new talent has grown over the years to include hundreds of graduates now in industry who are continuing to support the next generations of creative talent.

Nema’s next venture is looking at innovation across boundaries using technology to support investment in ideas and encourage international collaboration. Nema’s interests and hobbies include surfing (not just fair weather) climbing; the arts; architecture, mushrooms and film.

Nema El-Nahas