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Join The Studio

The Pervasive Media Studio offers space for collaboration between creative talent, technology companies and researchers to identify and explore new opportunities, create new ideas and deliver innovation to the market around Pervasive Media and the creative application of emerging technologies.

Pervasive Media is basically any experience that uses sensors and mobile/wireless networks to bring you content (film, music, images, a game…) that’s sensitive to your situation – which could be where you are, how you feel, or who you are with. Oyster Cards are a simple pervasive device: so are audio guides at tourist attractions, which can give you extra information according to where you are and which bits
you’ve been to already.

Pervasive Media is Digital Media delivered into the fabric of real life and based on the situational context at the moment of delivery

The two defining features of Pervasive Media are:

1. Uses technology to understand something about the situation and respond based on that information;
2. Uses digital media to augment (bridge) the physical environment, and vice versa.

Any residency in the Pervasive Media Studio is built upon engagement and participation. It is through frequent, targeted and rich interactions that residents will derive lasting and sustainable value. Residents must therefore be undertaking research into creative technologies and be willing to collaborate and share knowledge and skills with other studio residents. 

In order to keep a healthy balance of type of research and projects within the studio, we are at present specifically welcoming applications from technologists and projects that answer a societal need, address sustainability and/or have the potential for significant impact.

We are currently open for three different types of application. You may apply for:

Artist Residencies

This opportunity is suited to artists seeking time and space to think, share and make new work. Made possible with generous support from Arts Council England, the residency is for two months starting in September.

This is an excellent opportunity to be fully immersed in development of a project idea, whilst becoming part of the inspirational network of practitioners associated with the Pervasive Media Studio. Artists can apply as individuals or groups, and will receive a bursary, a facilitated programme produced by Watershed, plus budget to support travel, relocation and production.

Read more information and download an application pack. Closing date is Mon 16 June.

A specific research and development project

Our simple application form asks about your background, the type of research you plan to undertake and why you believe the studio will add value to your work. To be considered, please download and complete an application form and send it to admin@pmstudio.co.uk

Graduate and New Talent Residencies:

Competition for 2x £500 graduate and new talent bursaries now available. Find out more here.

This is a unique opportunity open to new talent (recent graduates or people starting out in their careers) who would like to spend time developing a pervasive idea (commercial or creative) in an open and collaborative space. You may have studied engineering, technology, media, architecture or fashion, computing, design or performance. The idea could be completely new, or something you have begun to develop already. To apply, simply download and complete an application form and send it to admin@pmstudio.co.uk

In order to keep a healthy balance of the type of research and projects we host in the studio, we are at present specifically looking for applications from:
- tech start-ups, engineers, games developers, and people working with micro-electronics
-  projects which answer a societal need, address sustainability and/or have the potential for significant impact.

If you are unsure of which pathway would be best suited to your practice, please get in touch for an informal chat.