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Project Journals

Tom giving a list of attempts to create indoor location systems

iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On Friday 14 March, Studio residents Tom Melamed and

Daniel showing us one of his Talking Pictures - featuring the radical 'engineers of imagination', Welfare State International

Talking Pictures: Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On 7 March, we were delighted to be joined by Daniel Meadows, photographer and documentarist, who came to the Studio to talk about a project he is

Laura Kriefman's lovely animatronic wing prototype that appeared on her desk this week

Playable Pernambuco

Though comparatively quiet after last week’s bountiful interactive documentary events, there is plenty to tell you, as the next

Future Documentary Carrot Cake courtesy of Watershed

As a Matter of Fact

This week has been all about interactive and immersive documentary; We had the Future Documentary Showcase, the launch of ANAGRAM’s Door Into the D

Images courtesy of Human Harp

Making Music with Bridges! Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On Friday 28 February, Di Mainstone came to the Studio to tell us about her multidisciplinary project