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Project Journals

Filming in the Studio for Bristol Talent Lab

Co-creation with Bristol's Online Trenders – Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On Friday 21 February, our lunchtime talk was hosted by 25 young online tr

UnBox Project: Quiet Polease; a mobile peaceful soundscape http://labs.unboxfestival.com/quiet-polease-mnap/

Mobile Soundscapes, Drone Culture, and Hacking on the Run from Zombies.

As our Producers are gradually making their way back from far-flung continents, the Studio continues to be a hive of activity.

Laura Kriefman's tap shoes for new project: Kicking The Mic

An Iron Age Fort, an Interactive LED Dress and an Imminent Spacecraft Launch

This week, a large proportion of the Studio team have been scattered across the globe.

Members of Rusty Squid team

Book Hive: The Books Are Reading You - Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On the Studio’s sixth birthday, we were lucky enough to host a Lunchtime Talk given by Rusty Squid, an amaz

Odette Toilette scent workshop in the Studio

UnBox 2014, Little Bits Workshops and the End of No Boundaries

The No Boundaries conference has been the main focus of the week, as delegates from all over the country, and speakers from all over the world came