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Pete playing marshmallow Tetris

Online Trenders, Script Testing and Marshmallow Tetris

There has been a flurry of activity in the Studio this week, as we have been hosting over 20 young online trenders as part of the Bristol Youth Lin

Sharon, Rik, Rosie and Mari

Stories from the Makers - Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On 7 February, Mari Thynne came to the Studio to give us an insight into her recen

Tarim and Tine's bridge installation - Photograph by Roman Gerasymenko

Nth Camera and the Second Playable City Award

The Studio is rife with activity and anticipation this week, as we prepare for the Studio’s 6th Birthday Party, announce the call out for the secon

Esther talking about being propositioned by Dragon Age knight, Alisdair

Loving Games, Gaming Love - Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Last Friday, DCRC Research Fellow,

Relatives of Long Ago Lovers - Photograph by Circumstance

Rain, Future Documentary and Relatives of Long Ago Lovers

It has been a refreshingly calm week in the Studio.