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Wei Ong aka Silent Hobo decorating the wall under Park Street's Banksy for the Indigo Babies launch

Puppetry and Play in the Purple City

This week, in the heat of it all, we have carried on shouting from the rooftops about

Indigo Babies

Indigo Babies Launch

Ingigo Babies, a graphic novel which follows the story of a group of youngsters in Bristol, aka the P

Molly Price

Molly Price: Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Molly Price Lunchtime Talk Write-up

During the talk, Paul set us a one word challenge; 'PM Face'. This is mine and Verity's response

From Expeditions to the App Store Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Last Friday, Studio resident Paul Archer spoke to us about his mischievo

Press Play - Toca Aí, one of the Recife projects, which has also been shortlisted for the Playable City Award.

Puddles, Poetry and PiBot