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'Smart watch' and 'smart phone' dummies for experimentation

PowerStream – Mobile Power as a Sharable Commodity: lunchtime talk write up

On Fri 11 Sept we were joined by Jarrod Knibbe, Diego Martinez and Paul Worgan from the Bristol Interaction and

Image thanks to Jon Aitken via twitter @jonbehere

Evolving Atomic and Molecular Aesthetics lunchtime talk write up

UWE lecturer and studio resident Tom Mitchell and creative technologies intern Ed Davies joined us today to talk Interactive Evolutionary Computation (IEC) and to put a glowing version of me as a real time energy field on our 83” screen.

Photo of Tom McDonagh's Lunchtime Talk

Is the earth hollow? Storytelling with obscure theories and unusual optics: Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On Friday 28 August Studio resident Tom McDonagh introduced his new theatre show ‘Hollow’, and talked about 19th century lectures, expeditions to the North Pole, and 3D shadow puppetry.

Crane Dance by Laura Kriefman. Image: Cranes by Michael Lewis

Awards, festivals and testing, testing, testing - a fortnight in the life of the Studio

The last two weeks in the Studio have fallen into a few natural categories, so for the sheer joy of a tidy format - here they are all laid out nice and neatly for your delectation:

Illustrated documentation by Joff Winterhart from Open Bionics' robotic hand workshop

A Sandy Farewell

Following a fantastic few weeks in his company, it is time to bid farewell to our Artist in Residence