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Amy Rose's Arctic Sunrise Installation at Glastonbury

Festivals, Robots and Recordbreakers

This week Amy Rose and

35 people attempting to break a world record... Image @AlphaSphere

From AlphaSphere to BetaLoop: Lunchtime Talk write-up

Last Friday, Studio resident and nu desine founder Adam Place gave a talk about the Alphasphere. a pressure sensitive, multi-faceted instrument (or ‘3D Space Bongo’ as Stuff Magazine once called it). Adam was also very excited to speak to us about a new REACT funded IoT project nu desine are embarking on, called BetaLoop.

Arthur and David's 'Light History' project for Hack the Space Image @david_haylock

Lights, Cameras, Jellyfish

The Studio is in making mode, as we welcome this year’s Playable City Award winners Jonathan and Matthew into the Studio for the first time, we hea

Image @theflyingeditor

Nth Camera Lunchtime Talk Write-up

On 6 June, Studio residents Tim Kindberg,

Fun Palaces suggestion box. Image @sproutness

Everyone and Artist, Everyone a Scientist: Fun Palaces lunchtime talk

For last week’s lunchtime talk team members from across Watershed chair