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Project Journals

Pressing what shouldn't be pressed at Aardman Studios

Folded Paths and Flying the Nest

This week, we had dancing, play, workshops, a beautiful trailer and a tearful goodbye:

Luke, Oliver and Abigail testing the micrometeoroid detector as they attach it to the cubesat

Those pesky micrometeoroids...

This week, we have been playing games in the street, conducting tests in preparation for extra-terrestrial collisions, and looking for volunteers a

Nikki's thumping heart in a box (the heartbeat v03)

Sentient Jiffy bags and robotic Jurassic puppies.

The Studio has been rife with fascinating objects lately.

Hack the Choir - Image @mark_leaver

Wiring up the Choir

Last week, David hacked an incredible choir in the bar,

The beginnings of some shoe installations for Croome's Soul to Sole project

These boots are made for talking

The Studio is brimming with history this week, as Kaspar wires up an interactive shoe installation for National Trust’s Croome Country House, Calvi