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Project Journals

Kim Plowright

Kim Plowright - Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Drawing on her experience of working as a Producer and New Media Consultant for 

Building Playable Cities from Lego in the Studio as part of Recife: The Playable City - photo by Vic Tillotson

Mind controlled Pacman, Job Posts and Playable Cities

After a quiet Christmas interlude, we have returned to the Studio, which is brimming with ideas and full o

Image courtesy of Avatarr via Reddit

Another Year Over...

It’s been a whirlwind of a year in the Studio - we’ve hosted magicians, makers, programmed installations,

Tom demonstrating his 3D shadows - photograph by Hannah WW

What Can You Do with a Shadow? Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Last Friday, 

May and Amy - Photograph by Verity McIntosh

Door Into the Dark - Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Last Friday, our new residents, Amy Rose