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Communication Quilt: Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Last Friday, we were joined for another inspiring talk about collisions of physical and digital.

Elements of Interactive Storytelling - Video of Daniel Burwen's Lunchtime Talk

With over 10 years experience in the creative industries, working in design and console games (EA Games, A

Mischief, Relics and Documentaries

This week we’ve assembled a crack team of mischief-makers to take part in Bristol’s Daredevil Tournament, we had our last Future Documentary Sandbox session and Stand + Stare have installed their interactive exhibition Everyday Relics in Manchester.

What Happened at the World's First Magic Hack?

Last week the Studio hosted the world’s first Magic Hack.

 Hannah with her academic hat on

Digital Hat – What Happened Next: Lunchtime Talk Write-up

Last Friday we were joined by Hannah Nicklin and Seth Honnor w