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danceroom Spectroscopy | David Glowacki and Phil Tew

danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) is part video game, part science visualization, part art installation, and part social experiment.

Fusing 3d imaging and rigorous quantum mechanics, dS transforms people into energy fields and lets them wander through the nano-quantum world, where they trigger sounds and images.There’s no limit on the number of “players”, and the more they cooperate, the more engrossing it becomes.

The project is supported by Bristol University , EPRSC, and the Pervasive Media Studios. dS launched in spring 2011. Its development was facilitated by a series of workshops and a large scale public exhibition in the Summer of 2011 at the Arnolfini (Bristol, UK), and its 2012 appearances include SxSW, Bristol Harbourside Festival, and the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

dS gently coaxes large groups to pay attention to one another and their own collective time scales, moods, feelings, and spirituality. The large the user group, and the more user-user cooperativity, the more captivating the results. In dS, lateral human interaction arises naturally. Contrary to typical video game experiences, if the dS technology goes down, people are left staring at each other - instead of the mass produced plastic shell of a useless console.

Hidden Fields

Workshops with professional dancers played a key role in the development of danceroom Spectroscopy.  Glowacki and Tew worked alongside Laura Kriefman and a team of dancers to develop dS into a dance performance piece, Hidden Fields, which premiered at the Arnolfini July 2012 and then as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.    

Hidden Fields is a high impact and accessible dance performance. Combining stunning visuals and self composing soundscapes, it offers a glimpse into the beauty of our everyday movements, showing how we interact with the hidden energy fields surrounding us. Using the danceroom Spectroscopy technology, dancers within the performance are transformed into energy fields, and control the behaviour of the otherwise invisible world surrounding us all.

Read the write-up of a Lunchtime Talk David Glowacki gave on Hidden Fields here.

Watch the Hidden Feilds trailer here: http://vimeo.com/48764930