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Screening The Album: Let England Shake (12A)

In film normally the image comes first, followed by the music. Not so with this collaboration, where celebrated war reportage photographer Seamus Murphy created a short film to accompany each of the 12 tracks on PJ Harvey's Mercury Award-winning eighth album. Murphy travelled across England to record new material, combining it with his work from foreign war zones to create powerful, raw interpretations of Harvey's songs and a poignant picture of the role military conflict has had in England's past, present and future. Much more than mere music videos, the films take the songs to a new place while perfectly capturing Harvey's powerful message.

For more information on PJ Harvey visit pjharvey.net.

Filmic on DShed

Filmic: A Festival of Film & Music

Please note: this is a old season with no further events to see

Filmic is a brand new festival dedicated to the various intersections of music and film produced in partnership with St George's Bristol.

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