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These Pages Fall Like Ash

Two cities, each overlapping the other

Two people who can no longer remember each other's existence...

Two Books, Two Platforms, A Singular Reading Experience

These Pages Fall Like Ash is a first of its kind narrative experience that will allow you to become part of its story, to explore the city, and to discover a whole new way of reading.

Composed by Tom Abba and artist collective Circumstance, with creative input from award-winning authors Neil Gaiman and Nick Harkaway, this is a story told across two books. One is a beautiful, crafted physical artefact, the other a digital text hidden on hard drives across a real city and read on your mobile device. In These Pages Fall Like Ash, the two books will come together to provide a reading experience like no other.

The story is about a moment when two cities overlap. They exist in the same space and time, but they aren't aware of each other. It's a tale about two people who have become separated, one in each world, about their fading memory of each other and their struggle to reconnect. One of the cities is your own; you become part of the narrative as you travel, moving from place to place. Your version of the story becomes about you and your place in your own city: what would you hold on to? What would you fight to remember?

Tickets: £12.00 full / £10.00 concessions. Pre-order your ticket here and collect your book from Watershed Box Office any time from Thu 18 April.

What you need: All you'll need to take part is a smartphone (or tablet computer) with built in Wi-Fi and a copy of the wooden notebook available from Watershed Box Office.

What you do: The experience begins on Sat 20 April and will continue until Wed 8 May. You can start your journey on the first day, or join the story any time up until Sun 29 April and catch up. You can participate casually, taking time out of your lunch break or walk to work, or put aside an afternoon each week and explore the city as you've never seen it before.

FFI download the information sheet or read Tom's news piece on the background of the project.

These Pages Fall Like Ash is one of eight projects supported by the REACT Hub, on behalf of the AHRC. This project seeks to reimagine the relationship between the physical book and its digital counterpart, weaving content from one medium to the other in a united story. The project is in an experimental stage, and is offered at the reduced price, for which you'll keep the wooden notebook and be part of a first of its kind narrative experience.