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Rose (Déborah François) is a sweet young girl from a sleepy town in 1950s Normandy. Determined to be a modern gal, she starts work as a secretary under dashing insurance man Louis (Romain Duris). When she discovers a newfound talent for speed typing, Louis, a former competitive sportsman, takes her under his wing as his protégée, and soon moves her into his house for some intensive training. We're not giving anything anyway by saying what happens next between the pair, but before you know it, they are winning regional typing championships (they were all the rage in the 50s and are actually hugely suspenseful on film!) while having an eye on a competition in New York. What a joy this film is - a cheerful, feel good, retro romp that feels a lot like Mad Men meets The Artist (Berenice Beyo makes an appearance in this film as Louis' childhood sweetheart). It is impeccably styled in all areas - from production design to the costumes and art direction, and Francois especially is a revelation. We've no doubt it'll be tres tres populaire with you all - see it and tell your friends!

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Screening with DepicT! '12 Award Winner: The Fat Cat (1min 6secs) Dir: Mole Hill UK 2012
Etched in wax from a garage somewhere in Cheshire, this puss knows exactly what it wants and how to get it.

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