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30th Birthday

We couldn't let our 30th birthday pass without giving you all a little present from us. How do you fancy 30 hours of just some of the highlights in film, television and creative work - all directed, produced, or filmed in Bristol - and all for absolutely FREE? Give it a shake, open it up: it's our gift to you for being such a huge part of the last thirty fabulous years.

Watershed and a team of advisors have put the programmes together, and it's a great big scoop of Bristol brilliance, but it's by no means a comprehensive list - to do that we'd need many more screens! Because we're limited in time and space we've had to show extracts of some of the longer pieces to make it manageable - each programme should be around an hour long.

It's been such a voyage of discovery putting this together - there were constant exclamations of "I didn't realise that had been Made in Bristol!" We hope you share our sense of wonder, joy, and more than a little pride when watching it all - from Michael Moore to Morph, David Attenborough to the Bristol Sound - it's all here for your viewing pleasure.

We're not only celebrating film on our birthday! The Pervasive Media Studio will be throwing open its doors and inviting you to experience some of the inspiring, wonderfully unusual and fantastically innovative work that takes place here. Residents will be showcasing some of their very cool work - come and play with creative projects in the studio and in other parts of Watershed too.

Over on DShed to celebrate our birthday, you can see a collection of work made over the last decade.

On the day there will be a programme leaflet available with all the screenings, times and locations so you can plan your day easily.

Tickets are absolutely FREE and can be reserved in advance. NB: You must collect your tickets on the day at least half an hour before the start of the screening. Any reserved tickets not collected by half an hour before a screening will be released.

Bristol Connections Weekend Brunches

We've extended our popular Sunday Brunches to include Saturday this month to celebrate filmmaking talent connected to the city. We think you'll be more than a little surprised at the films we've found out have a little bit of Bristol in them - now you'll never forget the connections either! The Bristol Connections Weekend Brunches include Shame, The Tree of Life, Exit Through The Gift Shop, The King's Speech, Radio On, Cape Fear, His Girl Friday and Citizen Kane.

Thank you

Watershed's Programme Team would like to thank the Made In Bristol advisory group for helping us put together the selection of films, television and other creative work. Their enthusiasm, support, guidance and time over the past few months has been invaluable:

  • Philippa Lowthorpe - Director
  • Colin Rose - Former BBC Producer and Head of Animation
  • John Durrant - Director/Creative Director BDH
  • Peter Symes - Former BBC Producer
  • Tim Jordan - Archive Researcher

We would also like to extend our thanks to the many filmmakers, creatives, producers, organisations, archivists and individuals that have contributed in some way towards making this happen. Here are just a few personal mentions: Andy Batten-Foster, Andrew Kelly, Carlton Romaine, Charlotte Croft, Clare Nicholson, Chris Burton, Colin Thomas, David Sproxton, John Adams, Jonathan Stedall, Mike Darby, Michael Poole, Steve Humphries, Tom Vincent and Zena Allen.

Shown in 30th Birthday

DShed: Watershed is 30Thu 7 June 2012 00:00
Radical Bristol 1 - Tie Up The BallcockThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Open Studio - The Magna Mysteria Magician's WagonThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Open Studio - The IcebookThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Cinékids Pirates! Animation WorkshopThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Projection Hero - 30 Shorts Made in BristolThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Keep Your Hair OnThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Open StudioThu 7 June 2012 12:00
Memory 1Thu 7 June 2012 12:15
Food Glorious FoodThu 7 June 2012 13:00
Visible from Space 1Thu 7 June 2012 13:15
Girl Power - Maureen, Four Tarts and a TenorThu 7 June 2012 13:15
Open Studio - danceroom Spectroscopy Thu 7 June 2012 13:30
Radical Bristol 2 - TV NationThu 7 June 2012 13:30
Radical Bristol 3 - Edge of DarknessThu 7 June 2012 14:30
Visible from Space 2Thu 7 June 2012 14:30
Memory 2Thu 7 June 2012 14:45
Small Objects of Desire - Morph's Home MoviesThu 7 June 2012 15:45
Radical Bristol 4 - The NewcomersThu 7 June 2012 15:45
Word 1 - Poems on The BoxThu 7 June 2012 16:00
Our Peeps 1 - St PaulsThu 7 June 2012 17:00
What's That Sound? 1Thu 7 June 2012 17:00
Word 2 - Poems on The BoxThu 7 June 2012 17:15
8 Minutes Idle - Special PreviewThu 7 June 2012 18:15
Secret World of Sex 1: What sort of Gentleman are you after?Thu 7 June 2012 18:15
Girl Power - I'm A GirlThu 7 June 2012 18:30
Open Studio - PeepboardpleasureThu 7 June 2012 19:00
Secret World of Sex 2: A Skirt Through HistoryThu 7 June 2012 19:30
Our Peeps 2 - Knowle WestThu 7 June 2012 19:45
Radical Bristol 5 - Voices From Another Part of TownThu 7 June 2012 21:00
What's That Sound? 2Thu 7 June 2012 21:00
Our Peeps 3 - In BetweenThu 7 June 2012 21:15
Party! Watershed - The First 30Thu 7 June 2012 22:00