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Bristol Women's Literature Festival

Bristol Women's Literature Festival brings together the country's best women writers, academics and feminist commentators for a weekend of thought-provoking discussion, debate and activity.

The festival aims to celebrate the diversity and creativity of women writers. Throughout the weekend we'll be talking to some of the most celebrated women writers working today across a range of disciplines - including Orange Prize winning novelists, first time novelists, feminist commentators, academic researchers and TV screenwriters. Speakers include Stella Duffy, Helen Dunmore, Professor Helen Hackett, Professor Joan Adim-Addo, Emilia di Girolamo and Kristin Aune.

The festival will be chaired by the writer, journalist and broadcaster Bidisha and is founded by feminist activist, writer and novelist Sian Norris.

Shown in Bristol Women's Literature Festival

Feminism on the small screenSat 16 March 2013 11:00
Women's Writing TodaySat 16 March 2013 15:30
Bluestockings and MusesSun 17 March 2013 14:00
Out of the Ivory TowerSun 17 March 2013 16:00