Environment Sustainability Group

Actions to date

Watershed's Environmental Sustainability Group has been active for the last 5 years and, as well as working across the organisation to develop our environmental policies and promoting a sustainable approach across our buildings, it has delivered specific actions with impact.

Crisp Packet Recycling

October 2019

We have joined the Walkers Recycling Scheme to collect as many crisp packets as possible, so they can be turned in to plant pots or watering cans. There is a recycling box in Watershed's Café & Bar – bring us your crisp packets!

Photo of a watering can made out of crips packets
Photo of air con

Cinema air conditioning upgrade

September 2019

We made the choice to replace our ageing air conditioning chiller unit with a more sustainable unit containing environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Recycling reaches 65%

Summer 2018

We originally introduced recycling bins and waste separation in 2005, with recycling bins introduced to all workspaces in 2009 and to all public spaces in 2011. Our recycling rates have been gradually increasing and since the summer of 2018 65% of all Watershed waste is recycled.


Photo of plastic bottles and links cans cleaned and ready for recycling
Photo of a waste collection truck

Geneco's Bio-Bee truck which collects all of Watershed's food waste

Food Waste Management

Spring 2018

Our food waste is collected by the Bio-Bee. The food waste is then used to generate renewable fuel for the Bio-Bee, renewable energy for homes and communities and biofertilisers for agriculture.  

Renewable electricity

March 2018

Over the last four years we have been moving all our electricity supplies to green tariffs.

From March 2018 all our electricity supplies have been using 100% renewable, clean electricity, generated by a mix of wind, hydro and responsibly-sourced, sustainable biomass electricity.


Phot of wind turbines
Photo of an LED lightbulb

Led lighting

Winter 2016

With support from Arts Council England, we upgraded all of our lighting to LED which uses much less power, lasts longer and generates less heat.

Kitchen refit

December 2015

When we completely refitted our kitchens we switched from gas to electric induction hobs, electric ovens and LED lighting, not only reducing our usage of fossil fuels but also making for a much more comfortable working environment. 

Photo of bowls of food in a kitchen, ready to be taken customers
Image of Watershed's last brochure in 2013

End of printed brochure

April 2013

After over 30 years Watershed was one of the first cultural organisations to stop printing a monthly brochure. This action saved huge resources, hailed a digital first approach to our communications and contributed to start making Watershed more sustainable.



Further interventions and actions

  • Most taps and toilets have water management systems to reduce wastage
  • We prioritise green transport recommendations for customers
  • Paperless ticketing launched in October 2019, with our own in-house ticket collection app
  • We have removed biscuits from Watershed Café & Bar, which were individually wrapped in single use plastic, and switched to glass water bottles
  • We have sourced conference biscuits containing no palm oil
  • A member of staff recycles Tetra Packs to make vegan wallets