Our home

Exterior night time phot of Watershed

Watershed and the Pervasive Media Studio occupy the first floor of a historic Grade II listed building at the entranceway to Bristol's Harbourside.

We are a welcoming, accessible destination for cultural, creative, social and business visitors. Our home is many things to many people, a meeting place of preference for the creative community and a place to come and socialise for the whole community.

Black man holding a sign which says 'Not one more'.
We are FOR equality and ANTI-racist. The global events of the last few weeks, the injustices faced by Black people in the UK and the clear demands for change in Bristol on the weekend of 7 June, speak powerfully to the need to make real commitments.
Daytime view of Watershed with visualisation of new building.
The planned re-developed building will house four cinemas, five flexible event spaces, the Pervasive Media Studio and new incubation and grow-on Studios, to sustain the growth of new talent and ideas. The building will increase from 4,400 sqm to 6,360 sqm with new work space for 100+ creatives in the four floors above the rear of the existing building. You can read much more about our plans in this article.
Illustration by Jasmine Thompson, Rife Content Creator
Article by Clare Reddington
Today was the last Creative team* meeting of the year and we shared our 2017 highlights. The range and depth of the team’s selection are a good indication of how amazing this year has been for Watershed, so I thought we should share them:

Watershed's approach to Inclusion

Watershed cinema audience. Image: Jon Craig Photography

By producing authentic, welcoming spaces and engaged programmes, we strive to reflect, include and champion audiences and artists from all backgrounds. This policy sets out our approach to inclusion and equality across the all areas of our business.

Our late night screening of Amélie - with tasty treats in the Café & Bar
Article by Claire Stewart
James Taljaard (General Manager) and Helen Round (Food and Beverage Manager) talk about the ethos of our Café & Bar and our approach to food and drink...
One of Jasmine Thompson's murals at the Pervasive Media Studio
Article by Zahra Ash-Harper
Zahra Ash-Harper, Watershed Producer, reflects on her year at Watershed working on inclusion and the practical steps we are making, plus asks wider questions about Black History Month and the role of cultural organisations during this time...
Playable City Recife
Article by Clare Reddington
We design our programmes to have local, national and global impact
Watershed Waterside 3 wedding layout
Sharing our spaces to support our work
Watershed runs a thriving Event, Conference and Room Hire business with all income generated going to support our programme of cultural cinema, art & technology and work with young people.
Photo of the exterior of Watershed, Bristol
A network of cultural and creative spaces
Watershed is part of University of West of England's City Campus