What People Say

We love hearing from our customers - here are some examples of the feedback we've received. Good or bad, if you have an experience to share, get in touch in person, on our social networks or via email.

We love hearing from our customers - here are some examples of the feedback we've received. Good or bad, if you have an experience to share, get in touch in person, on our social networks or via email.

"I have been visiting the Watershed for 30 years. It's like coming to see an old friend who has always been there for me! Always contemporary, always stylish, totally reliable. Thank you"

Sophie Shuttlewood

I just wanted to thank you and your team so very much for all of your efforts yesterday.
The set up was perfect for the group and the service was fantastic. It was so lovely (after that rather tiring walk from the ferry to the café) to have everything run so seamlessly. The food was very tasty and I know was enjoyed by all.
It is also very refreshing to have a cafe which was so accessible for the group. On trying to organise the trip I contacted many restaurants who simply were not able to cater for the group, which was most disappointing.
On behalf of myself and all of the group yesterday, thank you very much again. I will not hesitate in recommending the Watershed to other large groups in the future.
With very best wishes,

Elly, Older People’s Services Programme Lead
The Southville Centre

"I have always had a great relationship with Watershed and I always enjoyed visiting the cinema; it is a great venue and they put on some really good films."

Ken Loach, Director of Jimmy's Hall on a visit to Watershed, May 2014

"BRISTOL'S sense of fun is one of its most attractive traits. Bristolians' wry, irreverent outlook on life is woven in to the very fabric of the city. That's why it tends to produce artists like Aardman or Banksy or Park Street water slide creator Luke Jerram. And come up with ideas like the Watershed's Playable City Award...No stranger to innovation and creativity itself, Watershed is launching the award for the second year running, with the serious prize of £30,000 up for grabs….Of course, some will dismiss the whole concept as arty and pointless...But Watershed should be congratulated for the idea. As well as putting the city on the map, Playable City makes Bristol a better place to be."

Editor's Comment, The Bristol Post, May 2014.

"When I came to Bristol four years ago and went to Watershed for the first time, I was - and remain - so impressed…Quality, I thought, and I have been a great fan and missionary zealot for Watershed ever since…. W'shed is impressive in the way that it renews, adapts, takes change head on.  I am fully supportive of what you are doing.  Just keep up the lovely range of events and make sure you pay your wonderful staff a good wage!  They are gems.  Altogether, you are a prize enterprise."

"@wshed loved The Two Faces of January today at Cinebabies! Lots of dads today too, including Alba's. Lovely & relaxed in there :) & Kirsten Dunst's 60s travel wardrobe was fab! #summerinspiration"

"the wizards in the @wshed cafe really do know how to make a cracking jacket potato. Kudos."

"I patronise the Watershed mainly because of foreign films (I am French) but also because it gives us a chance to watch films that won't necessarily show in multiplex (and expensive!) cinemas.  So, keep up the good work!... By the way, I went to see New York New York on a Sunday at noon, which I enjoyed enormously.  What is more, the ticket seller said it would be free because the copy of the film was not of a good standard!  I wouldn't have noticed but really appreciate your taking care of your customers this way!  Thank you for being the Watershed!"

"…Located in a beautiful Grade II listed building in Harbourside, this cinema is an endearing place to visit on a rainy Bristolian evening… I had my first introduction to this inspired place while on a Hispanic Society trip to see the Chilean masterpiece, ‘No’. Although I enjoyed the film, I walked away thinking about the venue… Watershed radiates intelligence and creative thought as you come out of your film to hear people discussing the artistic camera angles rather than the attractiveness of the male lead. With 3 cinemas showing those quirky films you promised yourself that you would try, a charming café that promotes locally sourced food and an online catalogue of short films on almost any media-related topic, there’s nothing not to love..."

"Nicest soup I ever tasted at @wshed today - Moroccan chickpea."

"I don't suppose the Watershed would lend me the keys for an all night cake/coffee based lock-in? I'll keep the noise down and I won't touch the hummus."

"Had a very lovely meal indeed at Watershed last night - best fishcakes I've tasted in a long while! Big big compliments to the chef."

"I'm going to spend most of today at Watershed, writing, chatting, drinking latte, maybe some tapas for lunch. My idea of an office!"

"Watershed is more than just an arts cinema. It is at once a cultural centre, a business broker, a social networker, a research and innovation facility, a café/bar, and a cultural tourist attraction."

UK Creative Economy Programme.

"Very much enjoyed 'North by Northwest'! So nice to see it on the big screen. More I say, more!"

"Another great evening at Watershed. No matter how much time I spend there I always want to spend more."

Professor Ian Christie, Vice-President of Europa Cinemas.

"What a fantastic event! Wonderful speakers - thank you so much for your time and inspiring messages. Special thanks to Watershed for being ace!"

"I miss spending time at Watershed every Thursday I spend out of Bristol. I'm craving the food, the atmosphere and the company."

"Dear Chef - that was the best fish and chips I've ever had in my whole life, and I'm 47!!!!!"