Akira Neo-Tokyo Night

Following a screening of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, Watershed's BFI Film Academy Bristol participants invited the audience to a Neo-Tokyo after party including a Retro '80s games arcade, a graffiti wall where we asked the audience and local artists to imagine their future and a soundtrack by DJ Typesun who curated a dystopian set specially for the occasion.

This short film documents the inspiration, planning, publicity, and some of the participants, who were part of Watershed's BFI Film Academy Bristol 2015 programme. The Academy brings together 16-19 year old film and film-making enthusiasts and provides opportunities, mentoring and real-world experience of devising and producing events such as this one.

Thanks to their efforts, Akira sold out within 4 hours and had to be moved into Watershed's largest screen. It then sold out again, which was a record for Watershed.

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Posted on Wed 1 April 2015.