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Engage Module 1 Begins

We are delighted to have welcomed all the participants for Engage Module 1 to Watershed this morning. Our guests from the UK, Germany, Greece and Denmark are now currently getting to know each other with the help of Lycia Harper acting as the facilitator for the week. We’ve got some great speakers coming along during the week and have just posted up a revised and updated schedule. All members of the programme will be posting on this site during the week with thoughts and feedback.

3 Responses to “Engage Module 1 Begins”

  1. Hi all. Great to see you all today and I think we have had a super start to the week. long may it continue.


  2. wendy says:

    hi everyone
    so far so good
    what a great bunch of people
    and interesting progrmme

  3. Lisa says:

    Had a fab time, learned lots of new things !! Thank you to Watershed for an amazing and informative time!!