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My views – The two first days

Hi everyone.

Now we have been together for two day’s and people are getting to know each other a bit better. I think it’s cool the way that age, gender or nationality does not play a major role in communications with this group.

We have had a couple of very informative days and yet the level of interest is still very, very high. That is a massive compliment to the Bristol organisers and to you as a participant. Well done everyone.

I think everyone is looking forward to the road trip tomorrow and being able to be cooled down. Although a change of venue today was extremely welcomed.

When we facilitators were together in February, it was agreed that a success would be participants getting involved with each other and each other practises. That I can safely say has already begun with much success, so keep it up people, it warms our hearts.

After meeting everyone and trying to chat inventively with you all, I am looking forward to the last couple of days and the weeks to come in Denmark and Germany. I can also see that there can be arranged further activities with our countries and our youths. That would be awesome.

Have a great evening with Pizza and enjoy the moment.

And finally, my mantra is, “It can be done” and yes it can.


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