ENGAGE_online networks

Module one (19 – 22 July  2010). Led by Watershed in Bristol, UK.

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This module will explore the impact that social media and online networks have made on European youth culture.  It will support participants to develop new approaches that harness the potential of these tools to extend and enhance engagement with young people.

Participants will

  • Learn how European youth are currently using social media
  • Test and develop new approaches to youth practice that apply these new tools through practical skills-building workshops
  • Examine issues of online safety and child protection associated with these new communications media

Visit inspirational projects, learning from experts in the field.

Delivery of module one comprises four days of residential training in Bristol, UK (July 19-22, 2010) supported by online learning resources.

ENGAGE_direct participation

Module two (August-October 2010). Led by the Resource Centre for Educational Development in Aarhus, Denmark

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This module will build on themes of youth engagement with a particular focus on exploring technology-enabled approaches to engaging young people as active citizens with direct and meaningful participation in democratic processes.

Participants will

  • Visit successful citizenship projects in Aarhus introduced by Aarhus’ Youth Mayor and Youth Council
  • Test and explore technology-enabled approaches to civic participation and develop saleable and practical responses relevant to participants’ practice at home

Delivery of module two comprises five days of residential training in Aarhus, Denmark (September 13-17, 2010) supported by online learning resources.

ENGAGE_digital broadcast

Module three (22-25 November 2010). Led by Medienhaus-Hannover in Hannover, Germany

Download final module three details and schedule

In this module, ENGAGE participants will continue to develop their understanding of how developments in ICT and online technologies can amplify and extend the voice of young people in European society.  Participants will hone practical skills in content creation and will be introduced to the many different digital tools available for those who wish to get their voices heard.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to produce short internet-ready pieces of digital content using accessible tools
  • Explore the opportunities and applications of internet radio streams and UMTS/web TV broadcasting though hands-on practical workshops

Visit successful youth-led online broadcast projects and develop new opportunities for their practice

Delivery of module three comprises four days of residential training in Hannover, Germany (November 22-25, 2010).