Pitch Pots

Pitch Pot Guidelines: January - March 2018.

Pitch Pots are a simple way for Film Hub South West members to access additional support for new or existing projects and screenings.

Please note the available support is for activity taking place between 1st January and 31st March 2018.  Funding schemes for activity taking place after 1st April 2018 are yet to be announced.

Film Hub Members are invited to submit proposals for grants of up to £1,500 for marketing or audience development activity that corresponds to the BFI 2022 priority areas as outlined below

 Your activity must be focussed on one (or more) of these areas:

  • Young Audiences: Developing young audiences, defined by BFI as those aged 16 to 30.
  • Diversity*, inclusion & access: Activity aimed at, and/or co-produced with, under-represented groups. Ensuring that a wider range of people - including Deaf, Living with dementia and Autistic audiences - can experience the cinema. 
  • Reach & cultural engagement: Maximising the number of audiences engaging with titles and/or increasing the cultural depth of their experience. We will seek to support activity across a range of rural and urban settings.
  • Screen heritage & archive film: Helping more people celebrate screen heritage and archive films, including re-releases and the India on Film and Britain on Film Coastal strands. 

*Film Hub SW is committed to the BFI’s Diversity Standards, recognising and acknowledging the quality and value of difference and working towards reducing under-representation in the following focus areas: disability, gender, race, age and sexual orientation as they pertain to the Equality Act 2010, as well as seeking to ensure that people from lower socio-economic groups are better represented.

Who can apply

To be eligible for support, organisations must be registered members of the Film Hub South West and be legally constituted with a nominated UK Bank Account. Proposals from individuals or non-members will not be considered.

How much we can award 

We expect Pitch Pot proposals to be between £100 and £1,500. We will accept applications for over £1,500 where the organisation can demonstrate significant audience development impact for one (or more) of the above priority areas.

What kind of activity will we support

We see audience development or marketing activity as any activity that will promote your screenings or events to a target demographic - a demographic who you would not describe as your ‘core’ audience. Activity can be via traditional marketing tools, or something more innovative, it doesn’t matter as long as it is focussed on developing an audience in line with any of the priority areas.

Here are just a few ideas of the kind of activity we would expect to support - but you can of course apply for others:

  • Partnership working with new and relevant networks, organisations or media outlets to reach a target audience.
  • Paying a member of staff or freelancer for specific outreach to a target audience.
  • A special event aimed at engaging a target audience.
  • An extended and targeted Facebook campaign aimed at reaching new audiences.
  • Extended print or digital advertising targeted to any of the priority areas.
  • Press support - freelance or agency - that targets any of the priority areas.
  • A promotional event that will generate press around a screening or season.
  • Commissioning written/video or other content (must demonstrate how this will help develop audiences in line with priority areas).
  • Print and distribution in target areas.

How to access Pitch Pot Support

Download and read the Pitch Pot Guidelines

Then complete this simple online form to submit your proposal to the Film Hub team.

What happens next

Proposals will be assessed on a fortnightly basis so the maximum wait on an decision will be 14 days. Where applications are made above £1,500, a response may take up to 4 weeks.

If you have any questions about Pitch Pots, the submission process or would like to discuss your event or proposal, please drop us a line at filmhub@watershed.co.uk.