This programme ran in 2010 at the Pervasive Media Studio. For more projects like these please visit the Studio website.


Some Kind of Magic: The 2010 evaluation

“The most prominent feeling about Theatre Sandbox is one of great pride and achievement – an incredible range of brilliant work was created by what became a true community of artists.” Nina Steiger, Soho Theatre.

Theatre Sandbox 2010 enabled six theatre artists & companies to research and develop new ideas using pervasive media technologies. The R&D period came to a close at the end of last year and, true to the spirit of openness and knowledge exchange, we are pleased to share 'Some Kind of Magic: The 2010 evaluation', which has been produced by independent evaluator Annie Warburton.

As one of the participants from the scheme observed, “by the end of this process we might have the right questions, or the cleverer questions.”

The report, which was designed by Play Nicely, contains great feedback, useful learning and some clever questions.

Read Some Kind of Magic: an evaluation of Theatre Sandbox 2010 here.