Beyond Boundaries
Community activist and teacher Sauda Kyalambuka at Queen of Katwe screening

Film Hub South West: Beyond Boundaries

Got a great idea for a film event, programme or other cinema project, but finding it hard to get it off the ground? This rolling fund from Film Hub South West offers bespoke support for individuals and small groups based in the South West and under-represented in the film industry to make their ideas a reality – from building a brand to reaching new audiences.

Our Aim

Film Hub South West aims to support the development of a diverse film exhibition sector behind the scenes, and building a future cinema experience truly inclusive of everyone.

What is available?

A bespoke package of financial and professional development support. This will be shaped collaboratively and may include research, idea generation, mentoring, skills development, peer introductions for mutual support, partnership development, and exposure visits.

Who are we looking for?

Ambitious individuals or small organisations based in the South West, with skills and ideas outside those gained in an established organisation, who currently feel underrepresented in the film exhibition sector - whether they identify with issues around disability, gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or age (we would particularly like to invite individuals or organisations in the 16-30 age range to apply).

What are we looking for?

New ideas for audience-facing cinema projects with the potential to recognise and reflect the interests of diverse audiences for independent cinema. These ideas can be in their early stages of development as we can potentially support the journey from concept to event delivery.

Examples of projects funded by Beyond Boundaries

Explore the inspiration behind Beyond Boundaries by taking a look at two projects we have already supported:

Come The Revolution

Queer Film Network

Plus here are some of our latest success stories.

How to apply

Fill in this short form, tell us about your idea and we’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting or video chat.

Ongoing opportunity