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Commission Callout: Container Magazine

Container is a new online magazine about creative technology. It explores why and how people use technology in creative ways for social and cultural purposes, with a specific emphasis on voices, people, and perspectives outside the mainstream.

Container is looking for content ideas across text, video and audio for Issue 2 which will be published in March 2021. They are aiming to commission between three and six articles for this issue. Check out Issue 1 of the magazine to get more of a sense of Container is about.

Who we are looking for

  • Content creators and writers who focus on creative technology or related subjects such as arts and culture, climate, politics, or social justice.
  • People working, or interested, in creative tech who have an idea to pitch. This can be a fully formed idea you’d like to cover yourself, or something you would like help to develop with another content creator and/or the editorial team.

What we are we looking for

First and foremost we want to know what you are interested in and would like to cover in terms of creative technology. Feel free to be open and radical in your ideas. We are looking for content that:

  • Explores new and different takes on creative technology not covered elsewhere in the media.
  • Focuses on people and processes rather than products (e.g. we don’t do product reviews)
  • Breaks down complex ideas and make them accessible. We avoid overly-academic language and phrasing, and use different formats to communicate ideas clearly e.g illustrated articles, audio or video conversations.
  • Is constructive as well as critical - Container seeks to make a positive impact on the world.

About Container
Based in Bristol and born out of a long-term collaboration between Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio - the heart of creative technology R&D in the city - and UWE Bristol’s Creative Economies Lab, alongside leading creative and technology-based labs and research centres across the South West, Container reports from the cutting edge of creative tech.

Find out more about Container and the opportunity.

Closing Date: Sunday, 31 January 2021 - 12:00