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Pitch to Park Circus!

Closing Date: Fri 12 July, 00:00 BST

Established in 2003, Park Circus is a global film distributor with offices in Glasgow, London, Los Angeles and Paris and sales presence in Australia, Germany and Japan. Park Circus looks after 25,000 back catalogue titles from libraries of the biggest Hollywood and British film studios as well as independent rights holders. They also distribute a growing number of contemporary films on behalf of studio and independent partners. You can browse through their catalogue online

From single screen community cinemas to international multiplex chains, from rooftops to pop-ups and for festivals big and small, Park Circus licenses retrospectives, re-releases, restorations, one-off repertory screenings, special events and cinematic celebrations in over 100 countries worldwide. They have an ever-increasing number of classics available in DCP and look after an extensive library of 35mm and 70mm prints.

Park Circus loves adventurous programmers, dedicated cinephiles, festival directors and curators who delve into the forgotten corners of the catalogue, people obsessed with the history of movies and film fans of every kind! You can follow Park Circus across a number of social platforms including Letterboxd where you can see the latest news about their upcoming re-releases, new trailers and more.

Cinema Rediscovered is Watershed’s annual festival dedicated to the rediscovery and revival of great films, taking place in-and-around Bristol: City of Film from Wed 24 - Sun 28 July with 60+ screenings and events, launching a UK and Ireland wide tour of highlights (Aug – Dec 2024.) 

If you have any specific access requirements, please get in touch with us at and we will do our best to accommodate. For example, you might need support with filling in the form, would prefer to send us an audio or video file of your pitch or would need BSL interpretation if you were selected for a pitch.  

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Closing Date: Fri 12 July, 00:00 BST

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