Slavery and Public History

Posted on Wed 29 Jan 2014

12 Years A Slave, Steve McQueen’s incredible true story of Solomon Northup’s fight for survival and freedom, has been screening here at Watershed for almost three weeks. We’ve received some fantastic audience responses and held two sold out Q&As (you can read the week one and week two round ups here).
A T Bone Filmic Feast

Posted on Wed 29 Jan 2014

Musical multi-hyphenate T Bone Burnett is a man of many talents. He has toured with Bob Dylan, produced albums for the likes of Roy Orbison, Elvis Costello, Alison Krauss and Elton John, enjoyed a successful recording career and won 13 Grammys and an Oscar®.
12 Days of 12 Years

Posted on Wed 22 Jan 2014

Last week, we reported on the remarkable audience reaction we were receiving in response to 12 Years A Slave, Steve McQueen's blisteringly powerful new film about slavery. Since then we have hosted another Q&A, this time on slavery on screen, and our first Twitter discussion themed around the film - so here again is an update of activity generated by a film that continues to provoke and astound.
Kissing the Water

Posted on Wed 15 Jan 2014

On Fri 17 Jan we welcome Kiss The Water, a hypnotic documentary about fly fishing, to our screens. Stop right there - even if you don't know your arbors from your bobbins, this film is for you. Its subject is Megan Boyd, an enigmatic Scottish woman who dedicated her solitary life to making fishing flies, flies so beautiful and iridescent that they caught the eye of not just your regular anglers (and plenty of salmon), but royalty too.
Five days of 12 Years

Posted on Tue 14 Jan 2014

Steve McQueen's blisteringly powerful new film 12 Years A Slave has been screening here at Watershed for five days, and the audience reaction to it has been remarkable. This brilliant story of endurance, guile and hope has touched the Watershed audience (not to mention picked up the Golden Globe for Best Film) - so we thought we would write up a short summary of what's been happening here thus far.
Watershed crowned one of the UK's Top Five Vegan-Friendly Cultural Venues

Posted on Fri 10 Jan 2014

Here at Watershed we are proud of our ethical, sustainable approach to locally sourced and seasonal food, and are committed to providing a broad range of options for our customers with special dietary requirements. So we are very excited indeed to announce that the good people at PETA have named us as one of the top five vegan-friendly cultural venues in the UK!
Watershed Top 10 Sellers of 2013

Posted on Fri 10 Jan 2014

We're only ten days into the New Year and we've all packed away the decorations, dusted off the mince pies and made resolutions we'll fail to keep. Let's spare a thought for 2013, a year when cities were playable, a British man lifted the Wimbledon trophy, and Gromit was well and truly unleashed - what did 2013 in film look like, and what were our top sellers?
Watershed's UK tour of Kenyan films opens tonight

Posted on Thu 9 Jan 2014

Following sold out screenings at Afrika Eye Festival last November, we are delighted to confirm that two new Kenyan films - Nairobi Half Life and Something Necessary - are now playing at cinemas and festivals across the UK as part of New Visions from Kenya: Celebrating 50 years of Independence. Audience reaction here at Watershed has been outstanding for both films.
Welcome to Recife: The Playable City

Posted on Wed 8 Jan 2014

This week we are delighted to welcome participants from Brazil and the UK who are joining us as part of the Recife: The Playable City programme. Participants will spend the next 10 days developing ideas here at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, before heading to Brazil in April to finalise their prototypes.
Reflections on 12 Years A Slave

Posted on Wed 8 Jan 2014

Steve McQueen's 12 Years A Slave, a blisteringly powerful drama that illuminates like no other film before it the sheer horror of slavery, opens here at Watershed on Fri 10 Jan. Writer, historian and commentator Edson Burton attended a preview screening of the film with our Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove (who has also written an article on McQueen's intense work here), and has kindly shared some of his responses to the film.
The unflinching intensity of Steve McQueen

Posted on Fri 3 Jan 2014

Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator, WatershedThe work of artist/filmmaker Steve McQueen can be recognised by its unflinching intensity. In his installation Western Deep (2002) he explored mineral mining in the world's deepest mine where it takes the workers three hours travelling deep underground in cramped conditions before they start digging. In Deadpan (1997) McQueen restaged the famous visual gag that Buster Keaton performed in Steamboat Bill Jnr (1928) in which the side of a building falls around him whilst the open window perfectly frames and saves him.