October 2015

All Hail the Rife Guide!

Mon 26 Oct, 2015

Want to know where you can meet young people? Learn how to make films? Smoothies? Get advice on housing? Jobs? Sex? Drugs? Rock’n’Roll? You need the Rife guide.

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What's on in November: The Rooms, Carol, Afrika Eye and more

Thu 22 Oct, 2015

Ever wished you could hop into a time machine and get a sneak peek at the future? Forget the latest iPhone - have you ever wanted to get your hands on the inventions we're going to be playing, working, creating and communicating with years from now? Well, we're going to give you a key to The Rooms (Fri 6 - Sat 7 Nov), a veritable playground of new ideas.

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The Rooms Festival on Silver Street

Thu 8 Oct, 2015

As the November sun sets, we invite the inquisitive and curious to take a journey with us into The Rooms, a series of interactive installations and inventions designed to change and brighten up the world.

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