Theatre Jukebox now serving tasty stories in the Café/Bar

Posted on Thu 2 May 2013
Digital Dishes participants

Why are couscous, Lithuanian beetroot soup and Shopska salad meaningful and full of passion? What happens when fifteen strangers, all from different countries, come together to make stories about food? Find out when you take a seat at Theatre Jukebox, a jukebox that plays stories instead of records, which is in Watershed's Café/Bar for the next two weeks.

The stories on Theatre Jukebox came from Digital Dishes, a week long digital workshop organised by Watershed in April for 13 people, all aged over 50, from 7 different European countries. Working with our Engagement Project Producer Hannah Higginson and Stand Stand + Stare's Barney and Lucy Heywood, the group developed their digital skills to produce stories on food, dishes and experiences that were meaningful in some way to them.

These are the stories that you can choose to listen, and watch, on Theatre Jukebox until Thu 16 May. Simply pick a postcard up, place it on the table, and see it transform into life. If you can't make it into the Café/Bar you can watch all of the work on DShed or you can tune into a special edition of BBC Radio 4's Food Programme on Sun 5 May at 12:30.

Hannah Higginson, Watershed's Engagement Project Producer, said:

"Food is a common factor across all different cultures. We all need to eat, we all prepare food, and we all have an opinion about it! This is what made the connections between everyone on Digital Dishes so strong regardless of their experiences or where they came from. It was truly fascinating to see what stories they came up with and I hope people enjoy listening to them on Theatre Jukebox!"