Watershed Christmas Gift Guide...

Posted on Thu 1 Dec 2016
MekaMon - available to pre-order!

It's well and truly Christmas time. If you're anything like us you're still frantically searching for gifts – but don't worry, there’s a whole host of great products that have come out of the Pervasive Media Studio, and lots of things to give cinema lovers.

The Pervasive Media Studio (which you can visit on Fridays for their lunchtime talks – it's just beyond the Café/Bar!) is where we support talented people to develop new ideas. There are 45 desks and over 150 creative people in this shared space at the back of Watershed.

By buying products that are made in the Studio you are not only getting a unique and local gift with a great story - you are helping to support local artists, creative companies, technologists and academics. And by Sponsoring a Cinema Seat or buying Gift Vouchers you'll support our work in remaining inclusive and offering a diverse cultural cinema programme.

So take a look at the diverse range of gifts you can buy this Christmas – from limited edition books, to fighting robots, to stacking beasts – and have a lovely Christmas. Thank you for supporting Watershed and the people we work with – it really means a lot.

Six Conversations

Six Conversations

by Circumstance / £25

Who would love this? Readers and lovers of books - and how they can be changed by technology, the curious…

This is storytelling brought to unique life. Six Conversations is a hand-made limited edition set of books that work in harmony with a free custom app – it invites you to experience stories in many different forms (to reveal too much here would be to spoil the experience!), all taking place somewhere between your ears and your hands. Watershed funded Circumstance as part of REACT to develop an early version of this work, and the stunning limited first edition can be found over on their website.

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by Silas Adekunle / £329 for one, £599 for two

Who would love this? Robotics fans, gamers, people who have a passion for cutting edge technology…

Welcome to the future of gaming… Silas Adekunle’s multi-functional, connected battlebots with augmented reality capabilities are a dream come true for anyone who loves games, robots, and robot games! Sharpen your skills in single player mode and fight hostile aliens AR, have endless fun with arcade games or challenge another bot to warfare. With infinite challenges to conquer, there’s always a battle waiting. Silas developed MekaMon in its very early stages at the Pervasive Media Studio, and his limited edition founder units (described as ‘one of the most fun and accessible robots on the market’) are ready for pre-order now.

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Mayfly Jotter

Mayfly Sound Journal, Stickers and Jotter

by Mayfly / Various prices

Who would love this? Travellers, artists, writers, wanderers… for those who appreciate the old and embrace the new

Mayfly connects the real world with the digital world through beautifully crafted products that allow you record and listen to life. Use their free app to record sounds and attach them to the physical pages of their journals (43 pages), jotters (24 pages) and stickers. Your travels, experiences and thoughts will be brought to glorious life, there for you recall at a later stage or share with other people. Watershed funded the original project through REACT and continued to support it as it evolved into Mayfly. Buy the Journal (£16), Stickers (£8) and Jotter (£8) on their website or at Watershed Box Office.

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Sponsor a Cinema Seat

£300 for five years, £1,000 for cinema lifetime

Who would love this? Lovers of Watershed and cinema

Have you ever fancied putting your name on a piece of Watershed or thought about becoming a part of the fabric of the building? Perhaps you would like to do something unforgettable for a special occasion or dedicate it to someone’s memory? Sponsoring a cinema seat is a perfect gift, commemoration or dedication for individuals, businesses and organisations. A seat sponsorship will also help us continue our work to ensure more people experience it and we can explore new opportunities. Learn more over here.

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