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Wayfinder Live
Wayfinder Live by Troy Innocent
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Thu 22 March 14:00
Ticket prices: £2.00 per session, recommended for aged 18+. Please bring your own smartphone (iOS or Android accepted) and wear warm clothes (the game will be played outdoors and the whole experience will be three hours in total). If you have any access requirements or questions please email Jo Kimber.

Join us to test Wayfinder Live, a fantastic street game by Australian artist Troy Innocent that will hide an imaginary city right here in Bristol.

Working as part of a team, you are invited to seek out codes hidden around the city and use your smartphone to scan them. Each code transforms the space you are in into a mysterious micronation called Ludea. As you move around mapping and revealing more and more of Ludea, the Wayfinder systems invite you to exert your influence, changing them to reflect your team's philosophical views. But who will get power over the most locations? Will your team prevail? What clan will you join?

Wayfinder Live was originally designed to run in Melbourne, Australia. Troy now wants to test how the game runs in different cities around the world, and we're delighted that he's chosen Bristol as his first port of call - you will be the first people to experiment with the game and really test its capabilities.

Each test session will involve meeting Troy at the Pervasive Media Studio for a short intro, playing the game (no prior knowledge necessary) outside in Bristol (for a couple of hours), and then attending a short feedback session back at the Studio.

Game tests will take place on both Wed 14 March (between 10:00 - 13:00) and Thu 22 March (between 14:00 - 17:00) - you can attend one or both sessions. Troy wants to improve the game between sessions based on your feedback so would be mega happy if some keen players could make it to both.