Pete Vance

Pete Vance

Development Manager

Pete is Watershed’s Development Manager with a focus on Business Membership and Corporate Sponsorship.

He is an experienced Creative Producer who has worked extensively across the arts and television industries. Pete was previously a Producer for Watershed leading Creative Producers International, a global talent development programme working with Creative Producers based in cities across the world to help them become change makers in their cities.

Before joining Watershed Pete spent a decade working for Testimony Films, a leading social history documentary production company. Testimony Films specialise in the creative reinvention of historical narratives through personal life stories and evocative archive film. Pete worked extensively with a wide range of communities to involve them in the process of representing their stories on screen. He specialised in exploring real life stories - their complexities, their histories, their cultures - and finding innovative ways to share them with audiences who might not otherwise have access to, or interest in, such different perspectives. Prominent films include The Paedophile Next Door (C4), Britain’s Greatest Generation (BBC2), Photographing Africa (BBC4), Heroes of Helmand (C4) and 9/11 Rescue Cops (National Geographic).