Associate Organisations

We are partnering with a host of UK and Pernambuco based Associate Organisations who are both participating and helping with delivery of the project, these include:

From Brazil...

Secretary of Economic Development of Pernambuco
The Secretary of Economic Development is responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of economic policy determined by the State of Pernambuco. The Secretary acts on specific agendas and seeks to boost economic development in order to strengthen business activity in the state.

The Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPe) is one of the best universities in Brazil, in education (undergraduate and postgraduate) and scientific research. It is considered the best North-Northeast University according to reviews from the Ministries of Education (BEM), and Science and Technology (MCT).

Giberto Freyre Foundation
Gilberto Freyre and his family decided to establish a foundation that not only gather cultural heritage, its property and archives, but could also stimulate the continuation of his studies and ideas, aimed at understanding and reading Brazilian social reality.

The House of Gilberto Freyre was transformed into a Foundation on March 11, 1987. The Foundation reflects the concept of time conceived by Gilberto Freyre himself, where the present, past and future form one time. Gilberto Freyre’s life and his work inform the role of actions taken by the institution today.

Recife City Council
The Municipal Development and Urban Planning's main areas of action are: operation, development and implementation of public policies for sustainable economic development and urban planning in the city of Recife.

Delta Zero
The Delta Zero Institute for the Development of Creative Economy among its main objectives, aims to provide stimulating encounters between member organisations, in order to generate business, develop new products, services and processes, and contribute to the sustainable development of Pernambuco, reaffirming the State as one of the leading creative centres of Brazil.

Fundaj is an institution that produces, accumulates and disseminates knowledge, through rescuing and preserving memory, and promoting scientific and cultural activities, with an aim to increase understanding and development of Brazilian society, primarily the North and Northeast of the country.

C.E.S.A.R – Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems is a private institution that creates products, services and companies using Information Technology and Communication (ITC). Since 1996, C.E.S.A.R has been developing products and services covering the entire innovation process – from ideation to project execution – for the telecommunications, electronics, commercial automation, finance, media, energy, health, and agro-business industries.

From the UK...

Lighthouse is a digital culture agency based in Brighton. We support, commission and exhibit work by artists and filmmakers. Lighthouse creates vibrant, inspirational programmes that show how important artists and filmmakers are in a changing media landscape.

We work with digital art and moving image, which we present in our own venue in Brighton and beyond, nationally and internationally. By supporting artists and filmmakers, through commissioning, exhibition and professional development, we demonstrate that digital culture is about more than technology and tools; it is about ideas, emotion, learning, and aesthetics.

Cornerhouse is Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual arts and independent film, a cross art form venue and producer that houses three floors of contemporary art galleries, three cinema screens, a bar, café and a bookshop. Cornerhouse also operate an international distribution service for contemporary visual arts books and catalogues, which works with over 95 publishers across the world.

Cornerhouse opened in 1985 and 30 years after its creation (in April 2015), will move to a new purpose built venue near its current location. This new producing arts organisation, named HOME, is the result of the merger of Cornerhouse and Manchester’s Library Theatre Company and will produce across contemporary theatre, visual art and film, with an integrated engagement offer for communities, young people, digital and creative development. 

Our mission is to be a place where audiences, artists and filmmakers are brought together to experience and debate contemporary ideas through a unique, high quality, risk taking, cross art-form and culturally diverse programme.

Site Gallery
Site Gallery is Sheffield’s leading international contemporary art space. It is a place for artistic development, where new work is made and exhibited, and where artistic talent is nurtured.

Site started life as an independent photography gallery in 1978. Since 1995, it has expanded its programme to incorporate new and experimental digital and multimedia work alongside traditional image production. Site Gallery’s exhibition programme maintains a commitment to show both national and international work, maintaining a balance between photography, installation, electronic media and film & video. Its programme has gained significant recognition as a leader in the field of commissioning work, premiering new work or artists who have never exhibited in the UK.

Site’s exhibitions policy is based on presenting innovative, challenging and creative work addressing contemporary debates and issues within a national and international context.  The gallery offers a site for engagement between the artist and the public and a national focus for critical debate surrounding the creative use of the still and moving image.  As well as gallery-based exhibitions Site regularly commissions work for the gallery’s projection window and realises ambitious off-site & online projects. Site also acts as host for a number of international artists’ residencies and also supports the dynamic field of live art.

These activities are contextualised by a programme of talks, events and education projects and internationally distributed publications aimed at developing a critical discourse around contemporary art practice.

National Theatre Wales
The nation of Wales is our stage:

From forests to beaches, from aircraft hangars to post-industrial towns, village halls to nightclubs.

We bring together storytelling poets, visual visionaries and inventors of ideas. We collaborate with artists, audiences, communities and companies to create theatre in the English language, rooted in Wales, with an international reach.

You’ll find us around the corner, across the mountain and in your digital backyard.