Journal Entries

Tue 27 May, 2014
An intense week putting together all the ideas and expertise for purposing the city into a new experience...
Posted by Leo Falcão
Fri 9 May, 2014
Recife: The Playable City was the most amazing experience. I fell in love with Recife, the colours, the food, but mostly all the people I met.
Posted by Tine Bech
Thu 8 May, 2014
A month later, and after 4 weeks in Brazil (on the project, and exploring elsewhere) there's been time to catch my breath and reflect on what we made, how we worked, and exactly what made this project so special.
Wed 7 May, 2014
Friday night. 22.30. I’m on a small boat with 9 strangers. A boat which is also a beautiful light installation.
Fri 2 May, 2014
The idea of participating in a program that seeks creative solutions for urban problems, to me, was very exciting.
Posted by Camila Bandeira
Fri 2 May, 2014
The closure of Tiradentes Square, our proposed site in Recife, threw all of our Sprint 1 plans into the air...
Posted by George Lovett
Fri 2 May, 2014
On the opening night of the exhibition, I had a really lovely surprise: In walked the grandson, the youngest, of a dynasty of artists from Olinda.
Posted by Laura Kriefman
Thu 1 May, 2014
I’ve been back in the UK for a week, and had some time to reflect on the process of hacking on our Playable City projects in Brazil.
Posted by Andrew Sleigh
Wed 16 Apr, 2014
What we did and what we learnt.
Posted by David Haylock
Tue 15 Apr, 2014
OK, we have a new idea, the new idea is the old idea but different...
Posted by Philip Tew