Am I A Bad Kid?
Length: 4m 30s
BFI Film Academy Bristol
Jay explores the lack of support that the school system provides for excluded kids and young people with diverse needs, and how being labelled as a 'bad kid' has damaging effects for a young person's development.
My Sister and ADHD
Length: 5m 46s
BFI Film Academy Bristol
Sisters Emily and Isabel were close growing up, then Isabel got diagnosed with ADHD. This short documentary takes a look at how ADHD affects their relationship, as they navigate the changes of growing up together.
This Hair is Beautiful
Length: 5m 14s
BFI Film Academy Bristol
A group of young people of colour to talk about the ways in which hair is intertwined with identity and how they have come to love and celebrate their hair texture.
Photo of your people at Bristol Talent Lab
Project Ended in March 2018
A collaboration between Watershed and Bristol City Council to create a platform for young voices in Bristol.
Rife journalists promo image
Project Current activity
We develop young people’s digital skills, voice, confidence, experience and networks so they go into the creative sector and thrive. We want young people’s voices and creativity to be setting the agenda in the sector, driving it forward so it continues to innovate and inspire.
Young people as part of camera crew
Project Current activity
The film and television industry in the UK is thriving but a skills shortage and lack of diversity within the sector threaten to undermine it's future. The BFI Film Academy identifies and nurtures young talent to help the sector continue to thrive.
Photo of Future Producers 2015
Project Ended in April 2015
Future Producers is a Watershed development scheme for 18-25 year olds, teaching them the skills needed to programme a cross art-form venue like Watershed.
What’s The Score? The Mistletoe Bough
Length: 8m 45s
This classic gothic film gets a brand new score as part of a Filmic workshop for 18-25 year olds.
Bristol Talent Lab
Length: 3m 55s
We assembled a diverse, innovative team of young Bristol people to devise a new online platform for youth.
Zombie Watch
Length: 4m 41s
Meet Dave, a hapless young zombie trying to make his way in the world.
Gromit\'s Movie Marvels: Animation Workshops
Length: 3m 35s
A month-long stop-motion animation summer school as part of Cinékids, programmed by Gromit!
Filmic 2013: Tron Night
Length: 3m 31s
A short film made by BFI Film Academy participants about their Tron screening + Man vs Machine afterparty.
Creative Cinema Summer School: Flea To The Circus
Length: 2m 48s
A week long extravaganza of cinema-themed films and workshops for children inspired by the circus fun of Disney Pixar's 'A Bug's Life'.
Aardman Animations FILMCLUB Q&A
Length: 21m 47s
Makers of Aardman Animations 'The Pirates!' discuss how animation is made and their work in the creative industry.
Ghostwatch: My Urban Home
Length: 7m 16s
Do you dare to follow 8 brave children as they track the movements of the ghost of Barton Hill?
Electric December 2012 image
Project Ended in January 2012
Watershed's annual online advent calendar: 24 days of filmmaking delights from young people across Europe.
Short Cuts Logo
Project Ended in November 2010
A Watershed led filmmaking programme which enabled young people across Bristol to make and showcase three short films.
eShed logo
Project Ended in April 2010
eShed was a Bristol-based community and website for young people aged 14-21 who love film and media.