Games are the new cinema, they are breaking free from the console and hitting the streets. These games are a new way of exploring ideas, meeting people and having fun. Hugely social, they are a new entertainment form.

Fresh from a summer of running games at festivals in New York and London Simons Johnson and Evans have launched their new game production company Simon to deliver these new games for corporate and entertainment clients.

Simon games come in all sorts of flavours: some use technology, some are refreshingly lo-fi but all involve players competing and collaborating out in the world: on the streets, in (car) parks and down the pub.

The Simons ran a Media Sandbox research project looking at swarm dynamics in pervasive media environments. The unique insights into the individual's experience within highly dynamic social groupings gained from this research now form the basis of Simon games.

Simon Evans likes to use game play to engage audiences in unlikely situations, smuggling philosophy into people's heads as fun. In a recent project he dressed as a Moose and invited people to hunt him down, hoping that they might re-imagine the English countryside as a wilderness. Simon was recently informed that the Crown Prince of Norway is his doppleganger. He has not yet worked out how to use this to his advantage

Simon Johnson has spent the last 2 years touring internationally with locative games. This year he set up iglab, the interesting games lab, the uk's first offline/online community built around locative, street and pervasive games. One thing led to another....until, in September, Simon launched the South West of England's first street games festival, the hugely successful igfest. 

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