My Artist In Residence project has come to a close. #sniff

Asked this week what the best thing I made was during my time, I responded with a rather cringeworthy cheesy answer.. 'friendships'

Its rather true though. :-)

I started this residency really unsure of what it would involve. I was asked to unthink my usual process and free myself from the pressure of making in short timeframes and so I approached with a more experimental and open rigour than I am usually used to. I found the support, enthusiasm and encouragement from studio residents really inspiring and confidence instilling; rewarding in more ways than a blog post can reveal. I can say that I found myself more at home than I ever have before in a working environment, relaxed and happy to be myself and to give and recieve in euqal measure. Hopefully I have left an imprint on the residents as much as they have me.

I will miss the place, but although its the end of the residency, I feel like its the beginning of a new chapter for me, professionally and personally too.

I shall definately see you soon PMStudio.

Thank you.