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This fund is only available to existing residents of the Studio and is not open for applications from members of the public.

Examples of some of what we have funded to date are:

  • Inclusion training to change ways of working within a festival team
  • Training in traditional Somali weaving, with a view to combining those techniques with wearable tech
  • A series of modular synth workshops, run between the PM Studio and the Hackspace
  • Match funding for a participatory, immersive, digital performance in Cornwall
  • Funding for taking work to a festival in Amsterdam, their first time touring internationally
  • Funding for a high powered computer to create algorithmically generated visuals for stage performances
  • Funding for mobile projection equipment to run free outdoor algoraves

If you are a resident, and applying to any scheme that needs match funding or contribution, please get in touch first.

photo by Jon Aitken

About this Document 

This document is available in multiple formats: 

  • As a Word Document – download here 
  • As an accessible PDF – download here 
  • As a captioned video – watch here:

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If none of the above meet your access needs, please contact the Studio Producer, Luke Emery, on luke.e@watershed.co.uk

About The Fund 

The PM Studio Residents Development Fund is a new fund, for residents to apply to. As part of the collaboration agreement with the universities, the Studio has a small pot of money to invest in projects and activities that benefit the studio, it’s community and individual residents. Previously this funding has been used to support things like Future Themes, the Residents Podcast, Micro and Midi Residencies. We are now opening up a portion of this fund, for all residents to apply to. We want to fund things that would be unlikely to happen without support, or that could lead to bigger and brighter things that are almost within reach.   

We have some strategic aims that the funding has to be used towards, these are:  

  • increased engagement with underrepresented communities in the studio 
  • developing new research for emerging technologies 
  • developing new partnerships or unlocking funding opportunities 
  • showcasing or PR/communications around specific studio projects which represent excellence in a particular field 

If you would like more information on the underrepresented communities in the studio, you can read our Studio Community Inclusion Report

Examples of what the funding can be used for would include: 

Activities that connect you and the studio with those that are underrepresented in the community, and that help people to get a sense of the studio. Examples of this might include: 

  • unlocking a short collaboration or R&D process with someone from outside of the studio 
  • taking up training that will improve your ability to work inclusively 

Funding to support training, mentoring, hiring other professionals, which will help you to develop your practice or take an existing project or product in a new direction. Examples of this might include: 

  • Paying someone to mentor you in a new area, skill or field that you want to develop 
  • Training sessions, courses or subscriptions to help take your work to the next level 
  • Hiring someone to work with you to develop a business plan or help you to reconfigure your existing practices 

Funding to buy equipment for developing new research for emerging technologies, such as 

  • Computer or coding equipment to support experimentation for a project you are working on 
  • Equipment to support work in Augemented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality 
  • An otherwise unaffordable piece of kit, that will allow you to develop your practice or project 

For marketing, PR around projects that showcase excellence within the studio community. Examples might include 

  • Paid social media advertising for your project 
  • Marketing or PR consultancy for an upcoming event, to help you build a PR strategy 
  • To leverage significant additional funding from elsewhere, examples might include 
  • Using this funding as match funding on an Arts Council Project grant 

The only thing that this funding cannot be used to fund, is your own time or fees.  

Available Funding 

We expect to offer funding in the region of £500 per resident, though we will accept applications that ask for more or less, but not for anything over £1000. We have a total pot of £13.5k to award across the next 12 months. Please bear in mind that you can only be funded once from this fund, so we ask that you very carefully consider what you are applying for before putting in your application. We strongly suggest you apply only for the funding you need, and we will consider applications for amounts lower than £500 if that’s appropriate for what you’re doing. We anticipate funding around 2-3 applications each month.  

Application Assessment 

Applications for this new fund will open on February 4th 2021. With the first awards being made by the end of February. All applications will be assessed by the Studio Executive group, which is made up of representatives from the Watershed, University of Bristol, University of West of England and Bristol+Bath R&D. Depending on availability and the ongoing impacts of COVID 19, panels will be made up of the following list of people: 

  • Jo Lansdowne – PM Studio Executive Producer 
  • Professor Kirsten Cater – University of Bristol 
  • Professor Mandy Rose – University of West of England 
  • Nick Triggs – University of West of England 
  • Gail Lambourne – Brigstow Institute 
  • Luke Emery – PM Studio Producer 
  • Tony Bhajam – Bristol+Bath R&D Inclusion Producer 

Applications will be assessed at the end of every month and applicants will be notified within 28 days of the decision being made. First awards will be made at the end of Feb 2021, and then every month until the end of Nov 2021. Unsuccessful applications will receive email feedback, containing a summary of any notes from the Panel, within 14 days of the decision being made.  

How to Apply 

We aim to be as accessible as possible in our application process, so there are multiple ways you can apply. 

  • By Typeform via this link 
  • By video - Videos must not be longer than 3 minutes and should be uploaded to YouTube as private or unlisted videos  
  • By Audio - Recordings must not be longer than 3 minutes and should be uploaded to YouTube, Soundcloud or a similar platform and set as unlisted or private. Please remember to send passwords if you choose to set a password for us to access the file 
  • If you are applying in either video or audio, please email your application to luke.e@watershed.co.uk
  • If an alternative form of application would be preferable, or if any of the time limits the video and audio applications would make the process inaccessible to you, please contact the PM Studio Producer to discuss your needs 

Application Questions  

  1. What is the activity you are planning and how will it benefit your professional development? - 500 words 

  1. How much are you applying for?  

  1. How does it meet our strategic aims? – 500 words 

  1. Are there any other dependencies (things that need to happen for your activity to take place) that we should be aware of? (An example of this would be if you are using this funding for match funding for an Arts Council application) – If there are no other dependencies, please leave this section blank – 200 words 

  1. Please outline a basic timeline for your activity with a simple bullet point list of no more than 20 points 

Application Surgeries 

We will host 4 group surgeries, 1 every 2 months, for you to ask us questions about the fund. These will be on the following dates and are bookable here.  

  • Thursday 4th of February at 2pm 
  • Thursday 1st of March at 2pm 
  • Thursday 3rd of May at 2pm 
  • Thursday 5th of August at 2pm  
  • Thursday 7th October at 2pm 

Application Access Support 

We have a pot of funding that residents can apply to in order to pay someone to support them in writing an application. To discuss accessing this support, please contact the PM Studio Coordinator, Jo Kimber, on jo.k@watershed.co.uk


This is a small pot of funding and we are generally not expecting you to deliver anything other than the activities that you apply to fund. On occasion, we may ask individual awardees to write a blog, twitter thread or summary of their activities. We do ask that any awardees credit the PM Studio on Twitter or Instagram, or anywhere they mention the funding. You can tag us using @PMStudioUK on Twitter or @pervasivemediastudio on Instagram.   

Ongoing Support 

This funding does not change the fact that we continue to be here to help and support your development, as you would normally expect as a resident of the Studio. If you ever want to chat about how we can help with a new project or idea, email Luke Emery.