"What shall I do? Angelina Jolie just offered me $10m to spike Jennifer Aniston's salad with nuts to set off her terrible allergy! Tell me what to do..."

Rupert, a Hollywood wannabe, needs your advice. Can you help him achieve money, fame *and* happiness?

My Big Break is a game for web-enabled mobile phones, played by scanning the QR codes exclusively placed in the Watershed. Help Rupert as he veers from one sticky situation to another. He needs your cunning. He needs your wiles. Dammit, he'll take any help he can get. Will you play it clean - or play it mean? Will your name be in lights on the leader board? Whatever you do, tweet about it #helprupert.

My Big Break is an annt.net production, developed in the Pervasive Media Studio by Rik Lander and Tim Kindberg, with material from Hazel Grian. It's built on top of the 'touch' platform for RFID- and QR-based applications developed with Tim and Rik's recent Technology Strategy Board grant.

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