CARGO is an immersive multimedia experience that offers an alternative narrative to the story of the transatlantic slave trade. Through the stories of many individuals CARGO will portray an accurate historical account of the fight for the freedom of the enslaved, and for their subsequent human and civil rights. CARGO will also highlight the strength and resilience of key pivotal characters who blazed a trail battling adversity, and laying the foundations for the futures we all share as a result.

The exhibition will profile the lives of many individuals from the African Diaspora, Nanny of The Maroons Paul Bogle and Mary Seacole and many more, all people who worked within unimaginable confines but continued to inspire and empower others through their actions. The chains were ever present but the refusal to be shackled is a thread that runs throughout the exhibition. The desire and ability of these figureheads to work with the severe restrictions that surrounded them and not just survive but go on to change the course of history, is a theme at the heart of CARGO.

In the confines of the enclosed exhibition space the audience will be taken on a journey through history and into the present day. Combining physical experience with the latest moving image and audio technology CARGO will transport and transform perspectives and perceptions.

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