The first protopype of OuijaBird was built this week...

OuijaBird - the canary in the mind.

An ethereal and elusive creature, you will know her by her song. 

She detects your Ideomotor Quotient (ImQ), reads your personality, and tells your fortune.

OuijaBird can be contacted by one person but she will also play referee in a head-to-head ImQ contest.

Here is IdeoBird overseeing the construction of OuijaBird. 

I spend an afternoon coding OuijaBird song. Imagine a cross between a blackbird and a fax machine and you'll get some idea of her trills and warbles.

Wrestling with Arduino's lack of multi-threading means that I have to be selective about when OuijaBird will sing because her triling can lock up the memory of the device even if I never use the dreaded delay(). Currently using a Metro() library and juggling millis but I may investigate protothreading if I need it.