No Stone Unturned comprises of myself and Artist/ Technologist Nicola Hogg. No Stone Unturned will work in the Studio to develop an 'experience' using mobile phone technology, storytelling and sculpture, creating a city-wide experience that reveals stories as the user makes their way through the city. The first 'experience' will take place in Bristol, a city with many visual clues to its past, especially centered around the St Nicholas market area and Harbourside of Bristol.

The first instalment will focus on the cities rich LGBT+ history, from the sailors who came into port, to the Radnor Hotel where Danny La Rue used to drink after shows at the Hippodrome. No Stone Unturned will work with a writer and through research create a mix of content, audio, written word and visuals that reveal anecdotes, relationships, changes within the city and stories, uncovering secrets of the cities past. 

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