In the immediate sense we’ve moved back up to Manchester, but we have been informed ‘Once a resident, always a resident’, which we intend to take quite literally. We’ll be back!

There’s definitely a lot to still figure out, but we both feel we’re on a really exciting route to making artwork that’s meaningful and multi-layered.

Our time in the studio has really cemented our desire to work across disciplines, in particular how can we work across architecture and public planning to work with the people who have input to how public space is designed, in order to make work that’s usable to the public, and create social spaces that feels more inclusive:

-       How do we go about the steps forward into the areas of architecture and public planning?
-       How can we create great community spaces?
-       How can we as artists be a part of city planning, or get people to repurpose their cities and make them safer, happier and more vibrant places to be?

There are too many people to thank individually, but we’d like to say a very quick thanks firstly to our mentor Simon who’s given us a wealth of knowledge, support and fun over our time, Victoria and David for their on-going support through our development and letting us know repeatedly IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OK. And of course all of the people in and out the studio for being so generous in our time here.